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One Minute One Spot: Charles Alexandre Nantel

I remember when I first met Charles like 13 or 14 years ago. We got along right away. Since then he has always been one of my favourite dudes to skate with. Mr Nantels skating is raw, filled with style and creative. His passion for everything he does is contagious.

Valo4Life Premiere – Berlin

On Saturday the 27th of November, Ignition organized a videopremiere in a movie theatre in Berlin Kreuzberg. After a trailer of the upcoming rollerblade movie "Here We Are"  from Leipzig (which is going to be released in 2011), Ignition presented its own production called "Ignition City Guide Berlin". But the major release of this event was the Valo4Life DVD.

Lucas Landthaler: One Minute, One Spot

I know lucas since he was a little kid and I met him every winter in a skatehall in ulm. Since that time he grew up and became a real man. Now he drives a big old mercedes benz and is the safest and fastest rollerblader I know! Draw the curtain for the Grindhouse teamrider Lucas Landthaler.

Kevin Lapierre: One Minute One Spot

A few years ago, a new face appeared in the Montreal skating scene. I first met Kevin about 5 years ago in Montreal. He came at the shop with his parent to buy his first pair of skates. I never seen a kid getting new skates and being as much excited as Kevin. At that time, I knew this kid had something different. A couple of months after, local skaters started to get used to see Kevin at differents sessions even if was living 60 miles away from Montreal. I didn’t took so long to realised that Kevin was gifted with a natural talent.

Skatepark Checkout: I-Punkt Skateland Hamburg, Germany

We are only one week away from this year's German Inline Championships, the X-Mas Jam 2010, held at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg, Germany. Local ripper Pawel Wieleba prepared a big story exclusively for be-mag that features an up-to-date park edit, facts on the city of Hamburg, an Interview with veteran Jonn Rübcke and some old-school stuff. Take some time and enjoy it.

Cloud Unique Tees – New Rider Ivàn Garcìa

Iván García is the first spanish team rider announced for Cloud Unique. Iván is originally from Barcelona even though he has been living a couple of years in Valencia. He is the face of the brand Valo in Spain and also skates for Good Rolling Shop. His style is very special and he skates as much park as street transmitting a different vision from any other in his way of skating. In Spain everybody knows Ivan.

Leon Basin: Another Rolling/Parkour remix edit

Apparently, the Canadian rollers like to combine different disciplines. Here we are talking again about rolling and parkour. Shop task owner Leon Basin from Vancouver simply explains his rolling style by quoting Friedrich Nietzsche: "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."

One Minute One Spot: Jo Zenk

During my stay in Varna / Bulgaria this august, I was able to travel around with a few friends and the guys from vertigo iztok, the local skateshop. This gave me the chance to skate this beautiful spot in Dobrich, a city not far away from varna. the runway was a crappy sidewalk and the landing was halfway overgrown by grass but in bulgaria many of the spots are like that. They call it "agrar-spots". In my eyes thats what gives that spot his nice atmosphere and I really liked to skate it. after a few tricks everybody wanted to head over to another spot so we thought about coming back another day to film some more clips which we never did. Anyways because I really liked the atmosphere of the clips I decided to use them for my One Minute One Spot. Thanks Bash for the filming, Thanks Be-Mag for the opportunity. Watch out for more comin soon. Now check it out for yourself.

Who the heck is Mike David?

Mike David has always been raw talent. His skating has always been on the next level, and his presence is always positive. The first time I met Mike was back in the TSB days in Toronto, when he tried a massive disaster soul. I thought he was just some crazy guy trying to make a name for himself, but after a while I realized that this guy throws down every time he skates. Pure hammers, and best attitude around. Everyone knows how humble he is, and no one questions his skill. Presenting Mike D everyone.

One Minute One Spot: Warren Digne

Just down the avenue from the Champs Elyssées there is one of Paris' finest curbs. I discovered this spot by accident some time ago. This summer I finally came back to the spot to film my One Minute One Spot right there. I was surprised I could skate that spot for at least half an hour without being chased by security. Hope you enjoy it.

Grindhouse Tour – Scandinavia

Check out this sweet Grindhouse Tour report from the last summer. Daniel Prell, Timm Kittlitz, Maik Lojewski, Alex Rudolf, Kenth Ulvedal, Chris Piotrowicz, Sascha Krautz and me travelled through Sweden and Denmark to get footage for the upcoming Grindhouse Tour DVD 2010. The DVD is finalized and available now. Here you will see the exclusive tour trailer and the most remarkable statements by everybody who travelled with us. us.

Marcelino Martinez Morales

Marce first started skating in a little city at the coast: Vigo. The city has so few spots that it’s hard to believe that you can get anywhere with a foundation like that.

One Minute One Spot: Ralf Monnerup

Ralf Monnerup is an upcoming talent from Denmark. He recently won the Camp 42 competition again. He went out that one chilly autumn day just to skate some sweet steet spots when he came up with the idea of making a One Minute One Spot edit for Be-Mag. It just took 10 to 15 minutes to film this great edit. Lean back and enjoy the show.

What is King of the Street

To those of you that don't know, K.O.S is an annual real street contest in Calgary Alberta. The event was created by Calgary's legend skater, Tom Dixon. Every year skaters from all around the west coast of Canada make their way to Calgary to skate the narliest spots that Tom will come up with.

One Minute One Spot: Thomas Lieurey

So Thomas Lieurey or better known as petit Thomas has got himself a one minute one spot for be-mag ay:). I've known Thom the outrage character for about 1 year now. We met in Santa monica LA 2009 at photographer' Jeremy Condamines place. That lasted 2 days before we found ourselves on our own with nowhere to go. So I had to take Thom with me who I didn't know and who didn't speak English at all to a hostel in Hollywood. Not much talking was going on so we decided to party or "we make party" as Thom would put it lol. I soon found out Thom could speak great English!