Revelation Cup 2010

On the 18th of September the Revelation Cup takes place in the Skatelounge Giessen, Germany. The contest crew is coming up with a lot of specials which will give you an amazing time.

Ramelle Knight: One Minute, One Spot

New York has its milestones when it comes to street spots that every NY roller has been to at least once in their time. The Bronx is full of street spots, but there are not many that have high recognition. Ring Rails is a very well known spot in which was featured in many NY skate Video's including several B Unique videos, Nature Skate Video and many more.

Mirek Ragan (Hedonskate founder and owner) in the focus

1996/99 – The peek of rollerblading popularity in Poland. Without cellphones, internet and the Be-Mag messageboard, every rail in the city was occupied by random group of bladers, who were just class mates or friends from the hood. Local TV stations broadcasted various rollerblading footage and when you wanted to know what's up with the industry you could just picked up a magazine from a newstand - polish ones as well as foreign ones like Daily Bread or Box.

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 2

4 AM… Saturday morning… I woke up and drove to Rochester, NY. I took the trip to meet up with videographer Jason Staine and the Tri-State Skate Team. After a five and a a half hour drive we made it to Roc City, got our skate pants on and headed to the streets.

Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase and more: One Minute, One Spot

Three years ago, us boys in Santee got pissed that all the good rails around here were capped, and we sucked at hand rails, so we asked our sponsors to help us build a training ground. 4X4, M1, and Remz contributed to us along with our own money to build a practice rail in Damien's yard. Since then we've been having regular legendary BBQ's and sessions like this one shown were we skate the rail and have good ole American fun. This weekend Damien, Rob, Joey and Sammy Chase and me (Nick Wood) got down like we always do all summer long. When I started seeing the "One Minute One Spot" edits I thought that our weekly BBQ's were perfect for that forum. If the Internet homo's want to bust my ball's about doing a Two minute edit they can do the math and see there is 58 seconds of skating, so suck it from Santee.

90 seconds with Mathieu Ledoux

Epic edit by Montreal's finest Matt Ledoux. In this edit Matt is once again pushing the envelope by showing a wide variety of his unique acrobatic tricks. Thanks for your inspiration. Watch out for some more Mathieu Ledoux coverage in the next few weeks here on be-mag.

Making of the Game Theory: Interview with Brazilionaire

It has now been well over a year and a half of filming for the new Razor video, Game Theory. Over this time period we have literally traveled around the world with some of the best skaters on the planet making what I know will be an epic skate video. Love them or hate them the Razors team is composed of some of the hardest workers and the most unique individuals I’ve ever met, which is why I believe the team is so complete. Everyone has their own style, outlook on life, and a certain way they like to skate but when we all come together everyone is able to connect. What this does is allows everyone to learn from each other and obviously skate better. With the video deadline approaching everyone is anxiously anticipating the release of the video and even though the amount of tricks everyone needs has been met, the whole team is still motivated to go out and skate everyday in hopes of making their section even stronger. Personally, I’ve never spent so long filming for a video and I think that will be shown through the video with such a wide array of tricks, scenery, and style. I’m so happy to be part of this project and I think the video will be something that we can all be proud of.

Bakerized Skate Comp

A Chosen few presents Bakerized skate comp, this saturday August 14th, Hosted by Sam Baker at Bakerized Skate...

South Africa Scene report

Be-Mag is a global rolling magazine. Since the foundation of Be-Mag back in 1996 we have been striving to show you the different rolling scenes all around the world - no matter how big or how small they are. It's our goal to show you how Rollerblading survived, ascended or developed in different parts of this world. Here we start our first Scene report with the guys from South Africa. Their scene might be small, but their unique dedication to the sport make them bigger than they appear.

David Sizemore: One Minute, One Spot

There are lots of people who have different names for this spot: The Black Hole, Day Waster, Day Ender... The list goes on. But to everyone who has been there, and lots that haven't, will forever know this place as Summerhour. This is a legendary spot in Norcross Georgia that has been in rollerblading videos for the last nine years. Just recently I heard that the school is under new ownership, and unlike the last, they don't like us being there. So, obviously, the rumor is that the whole place is going to get capped. When be-mag contacted me to do this edit, I knew I wanted to have at least one more good session there anyways before the massacre is to happen, so I thought it would be perfect. Thanks go out to Dustin Spengler for filming the whole thing and be-mag for asking me!

Stephan de Freitas: One Minute, One Spot

Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about Stephan a.k.a DAS!...If you've never met him, then you're missing out. Not only is he the kindest guy I know, he's also one of those kids you want to hate. Let me paint you a picture: 26 years old, owns a Portuguese bar in Geneva, works there from morning until night, often DJ's in Geneva's local clubs if not elsewhere, has a girlfriend, AND still finds time to be insanely good at rollerblading. That's what he does, sometimes all of them on the same day, this guy does not know a hangover. He is a wonder child that masters anything he touches, and I mean anything. (don't test him you'd be gutted). Winner of the Bulle Contest 2 years in a row...don't miss him this year again on for the High In The Park 2010 WRS*** in Bulle Switzerland (Happening today).

Leon Basin: One Minute, One Spot

With this One Minute One Spot edit we want to take the chance to introduce you to the person in charge of Shop Task (Skateshop in Canada): Leon Basin. The Israel native is not only good at pushing Rollerblading in Canada through his Rollerblade-Shop. He is more than that. Leon has been rollerblading more than half of his life and has been an inspiration in terms of Rollerblading for a lot of people that skate with him. Even though Leon is a pretty busy man since he also recently opened a Shop-Task store front in Downtown Vancouver he still found some time to film some extraordinary stuff for be-mag. Peep it!

One Minute, One Spot with Marc Moreno

It was hard to find the right time for that as i've been busy as hell with changing from Barcelona to another city and working all days a week but it's always good to try and make something so people get juiced to go skate. Put on your skates and go session even if it's for a couple of hours! Oh, i forgot, get a pair of Nimhs and support skater owned companies for a proper future.

SRSC Copenhagen 2010

The SRSC Copenhagen took place last weekend. Skaters from all over Scandinavia as well as some US-celebrities (Demetrious George and Billy O'Neill) attended this traditional Realstreet event and skated their ass off. Check out the edit and the pictures (taken by Kenneth Nguyen).