[MAG] November 2012

This month in [MAG]: An Amnon Klein Profile, an interview with Senate's Mark Heineken, reports on Lausanne, Shred Cologne and Oeteldope Dutch Championships and a pocket full of streetphotos!

[MAG] October 2012

The new [MAG] is online! Featuring Jesse Ridder profile and a lot of new faces in over 100 pages!

[MAG] September 2012

Here's the [MAG] September 2012 issue! Fashionably late, just like everything in blading! In this case it's excusable since the content is top notch once again!

[MAG] August 2012

With a slight delay the new [MAG] is here, almost 150 pages thick! It features a Remco van der Pol profile, an interview with Gers Pardoel, report of the Thisissoul shop opening, Real Street Berlin report, Ladybird skatepark review, Ruud Scheerens in Moldavia, HDP Members only report and more!

[MAG] July 2012

[MAG] July 2012 features an Eric van Boven profile, Barca Report, Streetbattle photoreport and the always good tasting Koken met Kokkie!

[MAG] June 2012

The new [MAG] is online! 160 pages packed with photos, a Visions on Daan Hegt and Tyron Ballantine, an interview with Steffen "New Kids" Haars and much more!

[MAG] May 2012

The new [MAG] is online! 98 pages full of street photos, a Ryan Claus profile and an interview with mister Adapt, Pieter Wijnant.

[MAG] April 2012

The new [MAG] just dropped. This month it features Pascal Tan, a Gijs Peetsold interview and the first streetshots of 2012!

[MAG] March 2012

The new [MAG] for March 2012 is here, featuring a Winterclash Special with many high quality photos!

[MAG] February 2012

The Dutch online rollerblading magazine [MAG] just released their February Issue. Filled with great pictures and an interview with Jojo Jacobi. Check it out!

[MAG] Sven Boekhorst Special Issue

This special issue of [MAG] has been released to celebrate the Rollerblade Sven Boekhorst Pro Model. It covers Sven's achievements, an interview about the City Hopper video, and a closer look at his brand new Pro Model Skate. Check it out!

[MAG] December 2011

The new [MAG] issue is online! Featuring profiles on Ivo Janssen and Roel Verhoeven, an interview with Sven Boekhorst, a shopreport at This Is Soul, and heaps of nice photos!

[MAG] November 2011

Check out Dutch Rollerblading Magazine [MAG] with its November release. This month featuring KapotHard Report, Le Swizz in Amsterdam and many, many photos!

[MAG] June 2011

Dutch online magazine [MAG] once again delivers a great mix of photography and well made articles.

[MAG] May 2011

Once again, the new issue of [MAG] comes fully loaded with great pics and reports. Check it out, this one gets better with every release!

[MAG] April 2011

Dutch Rollerblading magazine, including a Ron Feiken Visions, KapotHard & OetelDope reports, Snert sessions, lot's of pictures and more...