Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #6: World Record by Chris Haffey

After a long period of building up anticipation Chris Haffey went for the big one last night at the FISE experience in Marseille. Chris Haffey took the World Record with a spectacular 30 meter long jump! It took weeks in preparation until the final moment had arrived. Being who he is Chris Haffey not only pushes the sport in creative stuntman like tricks but now has decided to leave his mark by breaking records! Check out the video here. Enjoy the madness...

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #4: Mega Jump Test Session with Chris Haffey and Friends

Yesterday each rider had the chance to test the FISE big air ramp, except those that didn't dare to do it. Yeah, this jump is a serious business as you can see in the pictures below. The riders kicked off the session with a 'small' gap (10 metres). Chris Haffey was kind enough to share all his Mega Jump experience with the other attendees. The riders entered the ramp one by one. Their initial fears have been quickly forgotten: Straight after landing the jump they wanted to be back in the air. Jumping a ramp like this is not an easy task: You have to be fully focussed, even the smallest mistakes aren't allowed here. After a while the riders started to feel more comfortable to this new setting and therefore their jumps got bigger and more risky. This test session made us all pretty excited for the Friday show. To be honest - the world record attempt looks really scary. Only god knows if it's possible. Stay tuned for more action tomorrow.

Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon and Dre Powell in Colombia Live-Update #1: Somewhere in the Andes

We've heard about the enthusiasm of the Colombian rollers from the pros who have visited Bogota before us and the articles/edits they made of their trip. When we passed the airport exit the love was overwhelming. Dozens of bladers from all over the country were there to welcome us and a number of them spent the evening with us. The food is good here, it tastes healthy and natural, and the good local beers got us lightheaded quickly since we are in a big city nested on a plateau at 8000 feet high somewhere in the Andes.

Chris Haffey: New York to California

We though this might be relevant to your interests: Chris recently did 12 tricks in 12 states while driving from New York to California. And they are pretty dope ones as you might expect... Spots are epic, too. So this is basically the edit you've been waiting for today. Just hit play already...