WOLFPACK: an interview with Valentin Tuil & Mourad Leuchi

It's rare when a group of rollerbladers put a lot of time, money and effort into crafting together a video project. We're lucky to report that our friends at Arcena did all of the above and created their latest French blade-flick called "Wolfpack". The trailers peaked our interest and we wanted to delve further into the creative process and find out from both the director, Valentin Tuil and the producer, Mourad Leuchi what it took to complete this project.

Andrew Waddle: New Orleans Bayou Bash 2013

In a few weeks time New Orleans will be the scene for the Bayou Bash, the local blading competition. This year the competition is taken back to its roots on the streets of the Southern city. We checked in with organizer Andrew Waddle and talked about the history of the competition, skating in New Orleans and got a preview of the spots.

In Depth: Chaz Sands

I met Chaz for the first time during a contest in Rome back in 2002. I guess I’d only known him for like 24 hours, but after some drinks we were already making plans to drive my car all the way from Rome to Glasgow, to spend some extra time in Scotland. The next morning we cancelled this crazy idea because of everybody's hangovers. I also remember we were sitting together in the car that night with a Dutch friend of mine who needed skates. Chaz said: “No problem. I will call Salomon right now for a pair of skates” haha....So there he was at 3 o’clock in the morning calling the Salomon headquarters for a pair of skates. Ever since then we’ve been in contact, and I'm always trying to bring him over to my events here in Holland; the main goal is to have a great time and the secondary goal is to have some nice blading sessions. And I must say we are scoring every single time except this one time during my 30th birthday!I visited his house and local skatepark for a week a few years ago, which was a great experience. I hope I can make this trip again soon. Chaz is a great personality, a down to earth person with a big sense of humor and besides that he is still killing it on his blades. Like this video I saw lately of him learning fakie 1080...

‘Battle My Crew’: Press Release by D.A.P.

Daniel Fabiano and Dave Paine have teamed up last year to bring back 'Battle My Crew'. It has gotten quiet around the project for a couple of months now because of many reasons. Read the press release by D.A.P. to find out more about the current state of the project, as well as some very interesting infos related to the topic.

Mind The Gap retrospective

Sven Boekhorst made a bold move back in 2007 when he organized the first Mind The Gap. His new contest featured only a couple of ramps and one big gap, but it turned out to be a success. Skaters loved getting airborne and big crowds witnessed some great blading. Five years later the flying Dutchman and his friends have cruised countless miles around Europe with their ramps in tow. Sven has no intention of stopping any time soon, but he did take some time off his busy schedule to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his brainchild with us.

Competition Report: A Town Stomp

On August 17th, 2012 competitors and friends began to arrive in our fair city. Solid street clips were acquired. The evening overtook us and we hunkered down to feast and imbibe libations.

Dave Paine talks selling out, VG history, TJ Webber, Roof Gaps and Battle My Crew

For any new school blader who doesn't know what Videogroove is, prepare to be enlightened. For old school heads who know what's up, you're in for a treat. Be-Mag took some time to connect with one of the founding fathers of aggressive skate videos and talked about a number of things ranging from the current state of blading, VG and the Battle My Crew series. Exclusive to Be-Mag, we're proud to announce that the Battle My Crew format is coming back for 2012. Read on to learn more.

‘The Breakfast Club’ in the Mind of Prins BernHARD + Leftover Edit

So Cavin 035 made a DVD. A skate DVD. And it’s a banger! This guy filmed on two different continents and even went to an island where people drive on the wrong side of the road and don’t get where the steering wheel should be in a car. And yes, I am talking about the country England. The country that once thought they could conquer the Dutch on water. And we all know that only "ze Germans" can conquer the Dutch. And the only arena they can do that is on land. Am I Herman Cain right now or what? Anyway, Cavin catched them all!

Up and comers: Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin... who is this guy? Two years ago, Eugen popped out of nowhere into the German scene all of a sudden, placed high at some of the main street competitions, showed his super-tech blading here and there in small web files and German DVDs, was rather quickly placed on USD's Flow Team and managed to impress virtually everyone who witnessed his abilities in person. His body and mind may be in the perfect condition to become one of Europe's finest street skaters. At a young age he already appears to be quite focused, mature, motivated and strong enough to take a beating and get right back up to finish the job. But enough the sweet talk, have a look at one of Germany's finest up & comers, Eugen Enin!

Contest Report: Chosen Few Finals 2011 in Los Angeles

So the ACF Finals this year were about as crazy as it can get. This may be starting to get repetitive but I will say it again because I really do mean it. Chosen Few's main goal is to expose new talents around the world, challenge skaters to push themselves to their full potential and to put on amazing events for all to enjoy! The Chosen Few Finals are now being known as one of the most difficult competitions around. We're not going to lie about that either. Our finals will always be an intense and challenging competition. You may get one easy spot at the beginning but that's about it. No matter what the last obstacle is, it will not be easy. It might be a huge down rail or it might be something random but we will guarantee that it will always have the competitors pushing themselves and skating their hardest.

Chosen Few Comp Rankings before the Final Event on September 3rd in Los Angeles

The Chosen Few Finals have arrived once again and I can say without a doubt it is going to be an epic competition. Skaters all over the world have competed this year at ACF competitions. Every competition has determined the top 10 skaters and they have all earned points. We have organized 9 competitions with local organizers and included another 3 competitions to the series as well. Find all standings here and find out who might compete in the finals on September 3rd in Los Angeles!

Chosen Few Comp at We Are One Skatepark in Utah

When us skaters talk about doing it right or being professional Zach Nelson and Matt Farnworth are people that come up quick under that definition. They are the owners of We Are One skate park. A skate park completely built by them personally for rollerbladers. This indoor park was professionally done. Nice wood, good coping, everything slides for a change even before you wax it, It's like skating woodward. So ACHOSEN-FEW.COM decided to team up with them to do a nice crazy competition the first week they officially opened the park. We decided to make the format a street format considering it is a part of the Chosen Few street comp series.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan & Venice – Photos by Jean Christophe Baller

It's about 7am and we are on the outskirts of Milan in Italy, searching for the hotel which will serve as housing for the next 3 days. Warren Digne, the conductor of the tour took care of booking it and it is the honeyed voice of our GPS which took us right to its front door. After a short tour at the reception, surprise, we will not be in the space provided, but in apartments a few steps away.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan – Photos by Pietro Firrincieli

Last week my friend Jason Adriani called me saying that he got a message from Adrien Anne who told him that he will be in Milan with the Nomades Tour during the week end. I thought that I should take this chance to have a good session and to take pictures for my website, so I packed up my skates and my camera and took a train to Milan on Thursday.