Vine St Bondi Skatepark by Dom West

Sit back and chill out for the Bondi Skatepark section in Vine St. Filmed in Sydney, Australia, this edit definatly lives up to your expectations of the Vine St. sections. Enjoy!

Tien Nguyen: Vine St by Dom West

Check out Tien Nguyens section from Vine St editted by Dom West. As always you can expect nothing but the best from Vine St. And this time there is no difference. Enjoy!

Vine Gang by Dom West

Did you like Vine Street? If you haven seen it here is a mini Vine street for all those that still need to watch one of the best videos of this year! Props to Dom West for creating this super smooth blading video experience. Enjoy...

Canberra Road Trip by Dom West

Canberra road trip edit by Dom West. Blading from Cj Wellsmore, Craig Brocklehurst, Rhys Bell, Danny Jensen, Hadrien Bastouil, Lil Tom and Kayd Anderson.

Vine St. video release – Interview with producer Dom West

It's xmas time - and also time for some big video releases. Valo4Life, Game Theory, Sideshow Rodeo are on the way into your favourite stores or are already there and available to order. So here is the next big release entitled Vine St. The title refers to a street in Sydney which is also home to the main protagonists of this flick. Producer Dom West has been living, filming with the Vine St. residents since 2009. As you can see in the trailer he stacked some amazing footage. Peep it.

Dominik Wagner US Tour – Print Supplement Issue 35

As you may have read in the Be-Mag print article already, for me, being on tour is not all about skating only. With my pictures I tried to capture moments apart from all that rollerblading stuff - hanging around, driving all day long and seeing weird stuff on the road.