In the Know: Don Bambrick

It's been 18 months since the last 'In the Know' interview on Be-Mag but that doesn't prevent us from bringing it back with a bang now! None other than USD Pro Don Bambrick will be answering your questions! So better log onto the Be-Mag msgboard right now and ask away! Deadline for all submissions is October 21th!

Out now: USD Carbon III Don Bambrick Pro

These new liners feature a low V-cut cuff, flex cuts in the tongue and an aluminum buckle with an improved buckle receptor. You are also able to customize these skates in various colors and parts. Do you want them yet?

Don Bambrick USD Carbon 3 releases October

The USD Carbon 3, first releasing as a pro model for Don Bambrick, is now available for pre-order worldwide. Read below what Don has to say about the skates improvements to its predecessor, USD's successful Carbon 2 skate. And also watch the video.

Jeff Stockwell & Don Bambrick in Columbia

I just got home from a month long trip to Barcelona/China filming for the upcoming Xsjado video. I was not even home for a week then JC asked me if I wanted to go to Columbia. I didn't really want to go at first but after a couple days of thinking it over I decided to go. Here are some of my most recent photos that I took. Don (Bambrick) and I were sent out there to judge a contest and hang with the kids. So here is a look at what Columbia has to offer!

Don Bambrick Charg!ng Section

Here is a look at Don Bambrick's tricks from what would have been in Game Theory remixed for Charg!ng. You can get Charg!ng at the Be-Mag online shop!

Don Bambrick: Carbon 2 Edit

Filmed by Brandon Negrete and JC Rowe, with additional footage from Adam Johnson and Mike Dempsey. Watch out for the new USD website. Soon.

Edwin Wieringh shredding on his new Don Bambrick skates

Edwin took a day off to check out the new Razors Don Bambrick skates at this small skatepark. His clean style and powerful skating has made him to one of Netherland's finest and most recognized Rollerbladers. We are excited to see more stuff from Edwin soon! Some people say he is already filming for a one minute, one spot edit for Be-Mag! Exciting stuff!