Xsjado welcomes Dustin Werbeski to their Pro Team

Xsjado just announced Dustin Werbeski as their new Pro Team rider. After the work he's put in over the last couple years, topped off by his amazing section in the Xsjado Video, they simply had no other choice but to put him on. Congratulations, Dustin!

‘Imagine Blade Shun’: A Video by Dustin Werbeski, presented by Shop Task

Simply, it’s a Canadian skate video. Shot in 2009/2010… and is just now being released in 2013. It focuses on the individual perspectives and imaginations of Todd McInerney, Leon Basin and Dustin Werbeski. Along with other creative Canadian friends like Matt Ledoux, Sean Knight, Shaun Unwin, Danny Beer and Josh Silver – just to name a few. -Leon Basin

Opening the archives on Imagine Blade Shun with Dustin Werbeski

It's the year 2009 and an intriguing trailer for Imagine Blade Shun goes online, promising to show more in 2010. It gets tons of praise online with skaters waiting to see the final production. Unfortunately, 2010 comes and goes (as does 2011 and 2012) with no sign of its release. What happened to the project? When was it coming out? Be-mag was able to pin down Dustin Werbeski back home in Canada after his European adventures with the Powerhouse and find out the background story on its 2013 release.

‘Two Long Years’ with Dustin Werbeski

I made this remix for me, my sponsors and all the people who followed/supported me through the time I spent in Spain. All and all, it was a life experience which I'll always look back upon, as being one of the best... If you'd like to see even more of my BCN footage, then purchase the Xsjado team video this summer. -Dustin Werbeski

Dustin Werbeski Undercover 2012 Edit

With fractured wrists, I finally plan to peace this beautiful city of Barcelona... but just for a little while. Enjoy another Undercover clip collection, making it the ol' three strikes and I'm out... -Dustin Werbeski

Dustin Werbeski : Dream Machine

Here's a new video posted up by the psychedelically influenced Dustin Werbeski skating the streets of Sweden. Look out for more footage from him this year back in the sunshine of Barcelona.

Dustin Werbeski testing the new JC Rowe Xsjado Skate

I just received the newly released Xsjado JC Rowe 1.0's, and spent my last 2 days in Barcelona skating to test their performance. I could tell you what I think of them… But I’ll let you decide how well they work and look, by watching this quick edit of the short, yet enjoyable time I spent in them. -Dustin Werbeski

Three Days In One with Dustin Werbeski

Dustin Werbeski did three days of skating around Barcelona, Spain, with the Xsjado Stockwell 4's & Kizer Advance frames. Oli Benet and Tony Cheetah captured his "skating on eighties", known as powerblading. Check out the edit below.

USD VII 2011 – A Powerhouse View by Dustin Werbeski

The USD VII 2011 skate is a massive evolution on its predecessors. Flat shell/improved anti-shock, fast and completely new soulplate compatible with Carbon 2 and Imperial (Wider groove), lightweight, comfortable, unbeatable quality/price. Check out this trippy edit featuring the new and improved USD VII by Dustin Werbeski!