‘The Breakfast Club’ touring through Belgium and France

The idea for the Breakfast Club Tour was to rock Belgium and France in a van fully loaded with nine skaters. We ended up leaving Amsterdam with only the four of us in a VW Con-fucking-vertible off to Belgium. Arne Elgersma, Bojd Vredevoogd, Marnix Haak and Robbert Snijder. Our tour planner Bojd spent the last few weeks looking for the finest, most ghetto abandoned places to get some unique footage for the DVD. The first weekend we ended up skating an old pool, a theme-park and spent the night in a creepy half demolished hotel called 'Kosmos'. Exploring these places at midnight was a great adventure by itself.

Louis Vilar Nimh edit by Fred Simcic

Check out this sweet edit of Louis Vilar skating his Nimhs. Louis is now supported by SHIMA so this is not the extent of what you can expect from him! Please go to frenchyfies.com for more insight on his plans!

Foch Invitational in Lyon, France

Street comp taking place on of the most recognizable spots this side of the Ocean, on the 1st of June 2011. It just so happens that it's right in between the NL contest in Strasbourg, and the FISE in Montpellier. It also just so happens that Lyon is precisely on the way from a city to the other!

Up and comers: Victor Legrand

Victor Legrand is just a child, but he's been on a quick rise here on the French scene. As we live pretty far apart, we only get to see each other once in a while. Every chance I get to watch him skate though, I am amazed by how much he has progressed since the last time. Most of you reading this will have no clue what I'm talking about: once you've watched this edit Fred Simcic kindly put together, you'll have to wait until the next one to fully comprehend my words. Victor is nowhere near the top of his game yet, but he's getting up there fast. As for myself, I am incredibly proud to see his skating become more impressive every day, as well as to see my son grow up as a person!

Remy Meister Home Edit Brussels

Check out this edit of Remy skating what might be the smallest skatepark in the world, two tiny rooms, one rail and some quaters if you can all them that...

WOLFPACK: an interview with Valentin Tuil & Mourad Leuchi

It's rare when a group of rollerbladers put a lot of time, money and effort into crafting together a video project. We're lucky to report that our friends at Arcena did all of the above and created their latest French blade-flick called "Wolfpack". The trailers peaked our interest and we wanted to delve further into the creative process and find out from both the director, Valentin Tuil and the producer, Mourad Leuchi what it took to complete this project.

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #7: Two addtional clips of Franky Morales and Romain Godenaire

While the rolling community celebrates Chris Haffey's world record jump, more and more clips of the Air FISE are popping up on the net. Below you can view Franky Morales lacing a super clean 900 over the Mega Jump. Additionally, we discovered another clip from Romain Godenaire that reveals the real dimensions of the ramps the pros are dealing with here. However, Romain over-rotated this huge flat-spin and accidentally landed in the flat. According to Freddy White from www.frenchyfries.fr Romain is doing fine again. As soon as we have more information about his health status, we will let you know.

Montre Livingston & The Gang in Paris

With a freshly released pro-skate and a month long tour in Europe, Montre Livingston had no choice but to stop in Paris to shred the streets of the city with the gang, and come up with some great content in the process! Here is some of it, captured on the spot and brought to you by photographer and friend Thibaut Vankemmel. Enjoy!

Thomas Riffaud – Clic´n Roll Edit by Valentin Tuil

Thomas Riffaud spent a lot of time in the streets of Montpellier and its suburbs to stack up footage for his Clic´n Roll Amateur edit! Looks like it was all worth it! For more information on the Clic´n Roll team go to www.frenchyfries.fr. Enjoy!

From LA to NYC on a bike

The FrenchyFries editors always have a keen sense for the good stories. You remember the guy that ran nude through the Winterclash 2010 venue? Well, this guy went on a trip to the states. And of course he streaked again.

Fabio Soares Quick Edit

Another fresh talent discovered by our good friends at FrenchyFries. Happy to see new faces in the game. We promise, you will see Fabio's face more often.

Kåre Lindberg The B-roll

Check out Kåre Lindberg's B-Roll section below. Kåre has a full profile in Traitement, the latest video by Be-Mag (produced by Jonas Hansson).

Remy Meister – Raw Falls Section

Some people just like it rough. Rough skating, raw style... And harsh landings. That could sum up Remy Meister's attitude quite well. His raw and instinctive skating, and his unrefined style sure make him stand out on the actual scene of top European skaters. Read the article on Frenchyfries.