Jeremy Spira Interview + Exclusive Edit

Since we've known Spira, we have watched him evolve as a person. I first met him in Texas at the Hoedown, we were instantly drawn to his style and the way he carried himself. We wanted him to ride for Revolution. Next, we had our first Rev. Alaska trip, Spira was borderline out of control crazy. Our final night in AK, Nick Wood had Spira in a headlock on the way home from the bar trying to keep him under control. When you have someone like Nick acting as the moderator, you know the situation is wild. Then, he met his wife Sessy. She was the best thing to happen to him. She got his life back on track, and he regained his focus to follow his passion to skate again. Then, he and Sessy had their lovely baby Arden. Spira learned what is most important in life, and his priorities changed. Now, he is balanced. He has Arden, his wife Sessy, and skating. Everyday he tries to be the best father, husband, and skater he can be. That is all that matters.

Escondido Skatepark Rescue Session on May 7th

As you may have already heard, the City of Escondido is in the process of deciding wether the our skatepark is worth keeping open. Help us preserve a landmark in Southern California blading, please post this flyer wherever you can to help us promote our rescue session, this Saturday at Escondido Skatepark, May 7th from 4pm - 7pm. You'd better believe that all the legends and local rippers will be out to support, so even if you aren't able to skate, it'll still be great to watch! Let's show the city how important our park is to us. They've got the funds, we've got the numbers! Save Escondido Skatepark!

EXCLUSIVE! Be-Mag interviews Brian Aragon through Coco Sanchez

Brian Aragon recently sat down in the backyard of his home in California to answer a few questions for Be-mag. Unarguably one of the world's best and hardest working rollerbladers, he gives some insight into his every day routine, life on the road, recent and developing changes at Razors, developing his 4th pro skate, industry quandaries, his future, and much, much more. Interviewed by the lovely and talented Coco Sanchez.

A different view on the San Diego Blade Scene

Recently a recent guest of our city ran an article entitled “San Diego Scene Report” that ruffled a few feathers around here. His article featured very few of the skaters, industry and importance that san diego has in rollerblading. I’ve lived here my whole life and have been a part of the SD blade scene for over 15 years. So when the boys over here asked me to do the real scene report, I thought that I could do a little better, and pay some tribute to perhaps the most important city in our sport.

Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour part 4 of 6: V-town Skateshop Fort Myers

Some days ago, as I was planning this Florida tour and putting the flyer together with the city of Naples scheduled, the phone suddently rings: Grant Hinkle, an old friend whom I had first met in Tallahassee in 2003 during the very first Remz Tour (which was also the very first daily updated tour by the way..), calls out of the blue with some really good news: Not only was the skatepark of Fort Myers now under new YMCA management (the city was about to basically tear it down) but he also got himself a job there managing the place.