Geoff Phillip ‘Happy 420’ Edit by Scumpire

Geoff Phillip is quite the heady fellow, and that's saying something in our world of stoney-bladers. Not only is the man an expert on kush, he's also a master on the blades, with technical precision and a trick vocabulary that few, if any, can match. Tru-spins, negatives, switch spins, opposite shoulders, gaps, grinds, blunts, bongs, knifers, joints, and bubblers, the man's got it all. But don't take my word for it, light up a fat jawnt, fire up this edit, and prepare for a medicinal blading journey with Geoff Phillip. -Cody Lampman

SCUMFILE: Geoff Phillip

Footage from before, during and after my fractured left fibula that put me out late this January until June. Its been interesting to get used to not using my left foot, and also extremely aggravating. Overall I'm happy with this edit categorized as a recovery documentary, cause there's a couple clips in there that obviously don't count. -Geoff Phillip

Geoff Phillip: Amazing talent

Check out this edit of Geoff Phillip bombarding the streets like there is no tomorrow. Good to know he can react so quickly, otherwise his first fall would have brought him straight to the hospital.

Geoff Phillip SCUMFILE 2010

Ridiculously good skating edited by Geoff himself and filmed by Mykel Fatali, Greg Freeman, Ty Jones, Ian Walker, Howie Bennett, and Cody Lampman.

Haunted Wheel Co: Cody Lampman 2013 Edit

Just in time for Halloween, Haunted Wheel Co. puts out this shocking 2013 edit of their team rider Cody Lampman. Shockingly good... Filmed by Ian Walker, Mykel Fatali, Greg Schlosser, and Geoff Phillip, edited by Mykel Fatali and Cody Lampman. Shredding Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM.

Sumpire’s ‘EL_CHVPO’ available as Digital Release

Ian Walker's first full length skate video is now available on the Scumpire website. 'EL_CHVPO' features the skating of Geoff Phillip, Greg Schlosser, Cody Lampman, Jeremy Spira, Ian Walker, and Howie Bennett, shot on location in Denver, Colorado.

Cody Lampman 2012 Edit by Mykel Fatali

Cody Lampman is a baller pimp. His 2012 profile was filmed by Mykel Fatali, Geoff Phillip, Jeremy Spira, Justin Barr, Greg Freeman, Greg Schlosser, Chris Bazan, Howie Bennett, and Will Boulder. More from Cody on Be-Mag... soon.

Dayshapes by Erik Bill – Promo Edit

Dayshapes is a video by Erik Bill featuring Chris Olpin, Ross Kuhn, Ty Acuff, Geoff Phillip, JT Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Corey Grubb, Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jay Whitmore, Eli Dorsey, Tyler Schmidt and many other talented bladers. Dayshapes is available now – get it at the Be-Mag shop!

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