Scribe Industries: Kyle Wood Support File.2 by Hawke Trackler

You are probably thinking the same thing as me, "already?" Yup, Kyle is a killer and already dropped his second Scribe support edit within a few months of each other. When you got a friend like Hawke Trackler on your side, your media exposure can only progress. Props to each of the gents on this lil online feature. -Hawke Trackler

Too Cold To Blade Outside 2 by Hawke Trackler

On January 29th the Too Cold To Blade 2 Competition went down in Nashville, TN, USA. Check out this edit by Hawke Trackler which is filled with skating by Carson Starnes, Kyle Wood, Montre Livingston, and many, many more. Hit play and enjoy!

Dudes Where’s My Comp by Hawke Trackler

Alex Broskow, Bian Aragon, Chris Haffey, and Montre Livingston, just a few names among the many awesome bladers that are featured in this edit by Hawke Tackler. Hit play and check out some of Hawke's favourite clips from several past competitions. Enjoy!

Skate Naked Skatepark Edit by Hawke Trackler

Skate Naked Skatepark is a sweet park located in Columbus, Ohio. Hawke Trackler filmed Zane Cook, Jimmy Spetz, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon, Codee Jennings, Paul Stewart, and Reed Huston as they literally rip off the coping of one of the ramps. Check out the video and enjoy yourself with some sweet blading.

‘Stairway To Shreddin’ Leftovers by Hawke Trackler

Hawke Trackler just uploaded these leftovers from the filming for his online video 'Stairway to Shreddin'. Skating by Matt Lyon, Eric Montealegre, Daniel Powell, Reed Huston, Bruce Bales, Ray Kronenberg, Kyle Wood, Aaron Pyle, Codee Jennings, Alex Hancook, and Matt Plasencia.

Escape To Peoria by Hawke Trackler

Check out the 3 day Escape To Peoria edit featuring Tohmmy Lash, Caleb Smith, Bruce Bales, Cody Reffner, Tyler Noland and Codee Jennings. Filming by Hawke Trackler and Bruce Bales.

Stairway To Shreddin: Second Trailer by Hawke Trackler

Sweet trailer for the new online movie Stairway to Schreddin. It's expected to release October 23th 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. Featured skaters are Codee Jennings, Daniel Powell, Greg Preston, Matt Plasencia, Hawke Trackler, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyo,n Paul Stewart and Shane Conn. We can’t wait!

James Short Memorial Session 2011 by Hawke Trackler

James Short was one of those individuals that left a mark and will be remembered not only by those who knew him personally but by everyone that has gotten to know of his predicament. Rest in Peace James. Edit by Hawke Trackler... Dont Drive Drunk!!!

NYC Street Invite 2011: First Official Be-Mag Edit by Hawke Trackler

Hawke Trackler made his way out New York City to document the NYC Invitational 2011 for Be-Mag. In the most competitive city in the world and with a charismatic host, Billy O'Neill, this contest was set up for success. If you take a look at the riderslist and the heats then you realize that this was something extraordinary. Check out this edit, see the hammers feel the vibe and book your tickets for next year. With a riderslist of such caliber and situated in one of this worlds most magnificent cities this contest could step up into the realms of legendary contest around the world. Enjoy...

Put It In Perspective by Hawke Trackler

New Hawke Trackler edit featuring Matt Plasencia, Eric Montealegre, Chance Bentley, Greg Preston, Bradley Wilson, Daniel Powell, Paul Stewart, Stefan Brandow, Jerry Butler, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon & Jake Cawley. Check it out!

WRS Finals 2010 video by Hawke Trackler

And here is another great edit featuring this year's WRS finals that took place past saturday at Rye Airfield skatepark in New Hampshire. As you might have seen already in previous edits, the best rollers all around the world came together to show you what they can do best. This year's motto was something like "higher, bigger and faster". Luckily, Hawke is also bringing the awards back. Check the edit.