RW Wednesdays with SSM

Another Rdub session at Power Inn skatepark but this time Brian Shima, BJ Bernhardt and Leon Humphries decided to roll through.... Only filmed all of...

Goulburn Fruit Jam Contest Report

The Goulburn Fruit Jam, held in outback Australia for the second time running, never ceases to surprise me. We pick quite a good skatepark, in the middle of nowhere, and a whole bunch of rollerbladers turn up from all over Australia. This is the type of dedication we see in rollerbladers all over the world, we'll mission anywhere to just make it to a comp and catch up with our mates. This year was no different, with even more rollers coming from even further corners of Australia than last year.

StreetBattleSeattle 2010 report

It couldn’t have ended any sweeter. The 10th and final SBS was by far in my eyes the most powerful, for not only me but everyone in attendance. The level of skating was unreal. With close to 40 competitors it was a tough contest to judge. The hype was there all day with great skating, no busts, and with 4 megaphones there was never a dull moment.

Montreal Classic 2010 review

This past weekend we reported live from the Montreal Classic 2010. Now three days later our Montreal representatives have prepared a full coverage of the action that happened during this epic weekend. You might have seen already Haffey going wild in the REMZ edit. But here we've got some more exclusive action shots and edits. So check this out here and take the next higher dosage.