New Bladergang Edit feat. Morales, Aragon, Haffey and more

New Bladergang edit by 9to5Mixtapes just surfaced, check it out! Dat ender! The edit features Erick Rodriguez, Franky Morales, Korey Waikiki, Rachard Johnson, Ryan Many, Coco Sanchez, Brian Aragon, Geof Leyva, Julian Bah, Mike Murda Johnson, Ranier Piramide, Dre Powell, and Chris Haffey. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez, Rachard Johnson, Armando Colunga, Jeremy Soderburg, and Max Manning, edited by Erick Rodriguez.

USD Cali Summer Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Peep this USD Cali edit featuring Jeremy Soderburg, Franky Morales, Erick Rodriguez, Dominic Sagona, Anthony Williams, and Steven Cortez. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez, Demetrios George, Armando Colunga, and Rachard Johnson.

‘Take Your Time’ Trailer

The 'Take Your Time' crew has just released a trailer for their video. It features Geof Leva, Keith Hubbard, Gregory Preston, Michael Obedoza, Abel Lawal, Chris Calkins, Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Joey Jaime, Ranier Piramide, Alexander Rudolf and more...

Take Your Time: at the AIL Finals in Woodward West Skatepark

Take Your Time did a weekend trip to Woodward West for the AIL finals. In this edit you can watch the guys messing around at the park during practice and the comp, and constantly pulling pranks on each other. Featuring skating by Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Gregory Preston, Tony Rivituso, Chuck Cauton, Aarin Gates, Danny Malm, Chris Calkins, and Matt Mickey.