Stephen Swain’s Kaltik 2012 Edit

A section put together after five days in Holland. Thanks to Jeroen Wullems and Timmy van Rixtel for putting up with us for the week. Also thanks to Conhuir Manweiler for supporting me over the past three years. -Stephen Swain

Kaltik welcomes Josh Silver to the Team

Josh is an animal on the blades. His style is raw and he can skate any terrain put in front of him. Kaltik scooped him up over the summer, which makes perfect sense. He's a ruthless 8 downer who still likes to make sparks. Hopefully you enjoy this section, cause we had an awesome time making it. Filmed in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. -Danny Beer

Stephen Swain: UKSkate/Kaltik Edit

Stephen Swain has just released a new edit. Blading in the UK Skate Park, he drops some of the cleanest and smoothest tricks. It all looks so effortless. Right there is the definition of style.

Kaltik in California: Joey Egan, Jay and Dano Gorman

A selection of raw clips from the Kaltik Team Video and The New Irish Rolling video on their tour in California. On their first day they skated a ledge in Hermosa, a Rail at a mall in Los Angeles and a ledge at Venice Beach. Sick blading from our Irish friends.

Kaltik Flat Frames Test by Jeremy Townsend

For the last few months now I’ve been pleasuring myself – or should I say Kaltik’s new flat frame has been pleasuring me? Either way it doesn’t quite sound right! The truth is I’ve been skating this revolutionary frame and they’re surprisingly amazing! Amazing I tell you!

Company Profile: Kaltik Hardware

Kaltik has been going strong for many years now with the UK and Ireland being its main markets. As of recent, Kaltik created a lot of buzz within the community by releasing their latest product the "Stealth Flat Frames", a frame with an uniquely shaped h-block to allow for a new experience in flat skating. Be-Mag sat down with company owner Conor Manweiler to discuss his approach with Kaltik, his views on the industry, product developement as well as Kaltiks new flat frames that have just hit the shops.

Kaltik UK tour

Kaltik have organised a UK tour next month with some of their European riders starting in London on the 12th  and ending up in Glasgow ten days...

Aaron Feinberg reps Kaltik frames

Kaltik is proud to announce their new Team member, Aaron Feinberg! Aaron is starting a new offensive on skates. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some more Aaron Feinberg coverage in the next weeks and months. Good to have you back in the game!

Kaltik frames and new pro rider announced

Kaltik is a skater owned / run company from Ireland, started by Conor Manweiler in 2002 At present the guys at Kaltik are in the last stages of releasing there second frame, with a total new concept that has not been done before, to allow rollerbladers skate with a flat set-up of up to 60mm with the advantage of still having your centre h block free from rubbing of the wheels.