Competition Report: Mile High Battle 2011

This weekend we saw the 11th annual Mile High Battle commence as bladers threw down everything they had. This phrase might seem too commonly used when media outlets in the blade world discuss a competition that went on. But, from this writer’s eyes down to the fingertips that press the insignificant keys on a laptop, this competition was all but common. It was an event that saw the likes of Colorado’s top skaters, visiting competitors Brian Aragon and Jeph Howard, who Razors flew in for this special trip, up-and-comers from surrounding states, and a line-up of spots that seemed peculiar and fitting. Some features that at first glance seemed ordinary for a competition like this spawned the battleground for one of the most heated battles that included a front-flip out of a sweatstance.

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Be-Mag Live-Updates start this Weekend

This weekend marks the 12th annual end-of-the-summer festivity with Colorado’s biggest blading meet. The Colorado Road Trip was started with intent on leading a small crew across various parks throughout Colorado. At the beginning, where just seven individuals made it out, this event has quickly grown to what this year expects to bring nearly one hundred bladers to the Rocky Mountain State from all over. This is the time of year that the usual desolate skateparks of the Colorado highlands, typically littered with a small handful of skateboarders, a biker or two, a few children tooling around on a scooter, and in rarity a roller, get transformed into a celebration in a way that brings rollerblading just a little bit closer to the wild west. The days are spent shredding two or more skateparks while in between the road tripping frequents various stops along the Colorado River for bridge jumping and car surfing. The nights are filled with stories of their own as rollers become frontiersmen, gathering around camp fires in the desert sharing experiences, camaraderie, and of course some fine beverages.

Jeremy Spira Interview + Exclusive Edit

Since we've known Spira, we have watched him evolve as a person. I first met him in Texas at the Hoedown, we were instantly drawn to his style and the way he carried himself. We wanted him to ride for Revolution. Next, we had our first Rev. Alaska trip, Spira was borderline out of control crazy. Our final night in AK, Nick Wood had Spira in a headlock on the way home from the bar trying to keep him under control. When you have someone like Nick acting as the moderator, you know the situation is wild. Then, he met his wife Sessy. She was the best thing to happen to him. She got his life back on track, and he regained his focus to follow his passion to skate again. Then, he and Sessy had their lovely baby Arden. Spira learned what is most important in life, and his priorities changed. Now, he is balanced. He has Arden, his wife Sessy, and skating. Everyday he tries to be the best father, husband, and skater he can be. That is all that matters.

Colorado Road Trip 2010

Sick edit from this year's Colorado road trip, very nice filming and editing. Watch out for more coverage in the upcoming Be-mag issue!