‘Through Our Eyes’: The Wolf

Geo Dubreuil put out a new edit produced as part of his 'Through Our Eyes' project featuring Maxime Genoud, Nicolas Schopfer, Reto Bürgin and more which is well worth your time!

The Lunchroom

"The Lunchroom" is a movie about 3 bladers/friends from Eindhoven. (Jeejroen Wullems, Niels Groenendijk and Timmy van Rixtel). Because the "Grindhoven" crew is very active in blading, they had the chance to meet lots of bladers from all over the world like: Stephen Swain, Nick Lomax, Guillaume Le Gentil, Maxime Genoud, Seth Nicolas and many more. The first movie with a Urban Section and more like: Profiles, 1 Week With, B-day Gift and A Special Appearance by Sven Boekhorst. Enjoy!

Mind the Gap in Zurich, Switzerland

Claudio Antonelli covered the Mind the Gap Zurich stop for RollingrockTV. Watch David Sizemore, Jan Nachbur, Maxime Genoud, Adrian Deck and more while they're minding the gap.

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2010 – Rom Radio Edit

Rom stands for Romandie on this one, definitely not Roms...even though there are quite a bunch in the area. So this is the official Rom Radio Edit, made by the people of Lausanne, featuring Interviews with skaters Stephan De Freitas (spelled terribly wrong in this edit) and Maxime Genoud (one of the main organizers) and Skating from the comp and practice sessions. Enjoy.

Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest Promo Edit #2

Maxime Genoud teasing it out with this edit, and showing us the Vidy Bowl and "Vallée de la Jeunesse" (famous downhill spot) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Filmed and Edited by Michael Hartwell. Be sure to join them on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September 2010!