Competition Report: Laced Comp 2013

“It’s alright, just my fingers innit!” That statement came from Jake Ricketts, after falling far and fast to the concrete, breaking two fingers and going back to nail the trick and the AM first place. It pretty much sums up the badassery that rollerblading in general and the UK scene in particular is so proud of, and it was on full display at Laced weekend.

Winterclash 2012 Girls Edit

In the end it's all about the girls, isn't it? That's what David Voges thought when came back home with his Winterclash footage. Here is the first Winterclash 2012 edit fully dedicated to the girls.

Chaz Sands Invite 2011: Official Be-Mag edit #1

Good things take time - you all know that. We haven't been the first to throw out the Chaz Sands Invite 2011 contest edit. But we are sure that this what you can see here compensates your waiting. And the good thing, this is just the first edit. Another one is one the road. So lean back, get some Popcorn and enjoy the show.