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FISE World Montpellier 2016

Given all the coverage of the great FISE event in Montpellier we have continuously provided throughout the years, we don't even need to tell you how...
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FISE World Montpellier

The FISE World Series are hitting the road once again this year, but like always, things will start off in Montpellier, celebrating the event's 19th...
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FISE WORLD Montpellier

The FISE WORLD Montpellier brings together the best riders in the world for 5 full days of competition, from May 28 to June 1st. There are 25...

FISE 2012 Slopestyle Competition in Montpellier, France

At this year's FISE 2012 in Montpellier, France inline skaters are in for a treat. No longer will they have to share the same course with other action sports, they will have a unique opportunity to ride a new blade specific course similar to slopestyle skiing and snowboarding. Take a sneak peek at the obstacles that some of the world's best pros will tear up this weekend.