‘Battle My Crew’: Press Release by D.A.P.

Daniel Fabiano and Dave Paine have teamed up last year to bring back 'Battle My Crew'. It has gotten quiet around the project for a couple of months now because of many reasons. Read the press release by D.A.P. to find out more about the current state of the project, as well as some very interesting infos related to the topic.

Top 5: Victor Arias

Victor Arias is a fun dude to hang out with. In case you didn’t know that already, you should check out this Top5. He just finished filming for...

Catching Up With Jon Julio: Happy Birthday!

Jon Julio has been a part of blading since its inception. Besides inventing tricks in the early days, Jon has grown with the sport in both terms of talent and professional accolades.

Chris Haffey Cali Tour part 1

"We just couldn't stop after the good times on our last Euro tour after the Clash, too much fun with everyone all throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. So here we are, back home after Bittercold, deciding to tour our own backyard: Cali!" - Kato