Top 5: Jenna Downing

Jenna Downing at NASS 2012 - Photo: Matt Dearden Jenna Downing has been a professional blader since she was just 12 years old. She is the raining...

Gore, Satan, Metal, & Blading: The John Bolino Interview

John Bolino is a nutty fucker. If you’ve seen his sections, you know that by his skating and his b-roll footage. This 21-year-old Atlantic City, N.J. native who came up in Philadelphia makes an impact anywhere he goes. Most of the time he doesn’t even need to put on his skates to do it. John answered some of my bullshit questions earlier this week at the Shredweiser house and he gave his insight on his mixed feelings about living in Oakland, selling weed for a living, and the potential for violence should Shredweiser ever play a show. Oh yeah, and his new pro skate from SSM. To set up the interview, I was at the Shredweiser house on a Monday night. We finished our second 18 pack of Bud, the guys were done playing metal upstairs, and Austin Barrett was tattooing my buddy, Tyler Noland, in Chris Daffick’s bedroom. John finished making scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. He had put in a VHS movie and was talking it up.

James Short Memorial Session 2011

On August 27th, 2011 the 3rd annual James Short Memorial Session went down at James’ hometown skate park in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The weather cooperated and gave us a perfect day for this outdoor event.

Mix Blade Montage by Sean Kelso

Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Alex Broskow, Adam Exline, Joey Longstreth, Travis Rhodes, Kc Roche, Pat Doherty, Michael Collins & Paul John all in one edit. This must be good, eh? Filmed in Philadelphia, Kansas City & Chicago over the past year by Sean Kelso.

Colin Kelso Nimh Video Section

Sean Kelso just uploaded his brothers' original section from the Nimh video. Filmed in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. Haven't checked out the video yet? Get it at the Be-Mag online shop!

Neglected Truth Box Jam 2011 feat. Montre Livingston and Franco Cammayo

On May 7th, a few good friends and I headed down to the Neglected Truth Skate Shop 7th Annual Birthday Box Jam. The jam was held in an empty parking lot down the street on just about the grittiest piece of black top you could ask for. The lot is sloped downhill and provides for a perfect street course; minus the hike back up every 3 minutes. This year the jam had more obstacles than ever and lived up to its expectations. The NT Birthday Box Jam seems to improve each year and maintains support from some of the gnarliest of bladers.

Brett Dasovic – Summer 2008

Skating from an old project from the summer of 2008. Some of the best times of my life were on these two trips to Philadelphia. Skating ranges from Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey and even some stuff from the homestate of Minnsota.

Camp Woodward 2010 featuring Franky Morales, Thumper Nagasako, Andrew Nemiroski, Dan Breuer and many more campers

Camp Woodward has once again given me a great place to call home for the summer. The heavenly-gated community of devoted rollerbladers, skateboarders, and bikers, continues to welcome all aspiring talent of all ages with open arms. With a top of the line training facility, Camp Woodward is dedicated to provide athletes at any skill level with a safe, fun, effective ways to learn and progress in all action sports.

Montreal Classic 2010 review

This past weekend we reported live from the Montreal Classic 2010. Now three days later our Montreal representatives have prepared a full coverage of the action that happened during this epic weekend. You might have seen already Haffey going wild in the REMZ edit. But here we've got some more exclusive action shots and edits. So check this out here and take the next higher dosage.

Issue 30 – Demetrios George Interview

Demetrios' interview was the main feature in issue 30. An Am skater turned Pro in a long list of amazing personalities who would have long deserved to make a living with their skating. Now a seasoned pro, Demetrios had a lot to say about his am status, tours, idols and skating in general.

Young Guns: Wake Schepman Interview + Exclusive Edit

Think rollerblading has no future? Guess again. It's refreshing to know that guys like Wake are out there killing it competing against pros twice their age. It's time Wake had some of the spotlight and we at Be-Mag are happy to bring you the Wake Schepman Interview!