Hot Wet Trash Trailer by Scumpire

Booze, skating, beer, kimonos, beer and booze.The Hot Wet Trash video is coming to you in December, around Christmas, and here is the first trailer. Prepare yourself for some destruction, hangovers, raw skating and hilarious moments by Kevin Carey, Zackary Gutweiler, Ian Walker and many more.

Renfer Montage by SCUMPIRE

Here it is, the first montage from the shitty city that’s always sunny, Renfer. Most of this footage was shot during the summer and fall of 2010. Everyone really came through with footy to make this montage happen. So happy new year and suck it.

Scumpire Denver edit

Here we've got a brand new Scumpire edit including again some badass streetskating. Take a look, you won't regret it.

Andy Leitermann – Scumpire

Check out this creative skating edit of Andy Leitermann who knows how to combine Rollerblading elements with Skateboarding elements. At the end of...