Up and Comers: Sean Grossman

New York City and it's surrounding areas have always been a breeding grounds for incredible rollerblading talent. It's arguable that it could be one of the best scenes in the world. In recent years as big name talent has left the area for greener pastures and different opportunities, a new breed of Tri State talent has been getting more shine. The first person that always immediately comes to my mind when I think of New York and blading these past three years is Sean Grossman. Between countless edits of himself and others, his online video 'Peep Game', and his upcoming video 'Big Apple Blade', Sean has single handedly put himself at the forefront of New York City rollerblading media. I have loved watching Sean's progression the past few years, and couldn't be prouder to present to you supreme connoisseur, Long Island resident, style buff, and my very good friend, Sean Grossman.

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