Julian Coulter Interview

Julian Coulter is a name that seems to pop up quite a lot lately. We decided to check in with the guy who had a killer section in City and the Seed, dropped an exceptional street profile a few months ago, skydives and surfs besides skating, and somehow manages to keep a full time job at a large accountancy firm as well.

Real Street Amsterdam 2013 – Back in the game

After several months of preparation, the Real Street Amsterdam went down on the 31st of August. With riders from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom the turn up was great, and so was the level. After a warm-up session at one of the newest curbs in the city, the group of over 70 bladers moved on to the nearby flatrail to continue the session.

One Minute, One Spot: Levi van Rijn

Sometimes big things come in small packages. At only 15, Levi's skating career is off to an impressive start. It's not hard to find one minute of Levi skating. Finding one spot to keep his attention is the difficult part - always looking for more challenging obstacles. Levi's love for blading is contagious. It's easy to witness how much fun he has blading by watching any of his edits. This is only the beginning. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Levi and his never ending progression. - Jeff Crays

Introducing the juniors: Levi van Rijn

A lot has happened for Levi van Rijn in the last few months. After releasing his profile half a year ago, he got picked up by Razors, finished third at the first ever Winterclash Junior competition, first at the Dutch national championship and got a sponsorship from Thisissoul Skateshop. This week his new profile was released, the perfect moment to sit down and have a chat with Levi. Enjoy the first article of our Introducing the juniors series!

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 7

Last weekend was the weekend of the Panhandle Pow-Wow VII. Be-Mag was there to cover, and we've got an excellent article by Southern Scum's Chad Anthony to let you read how the competition went down. The article is accompanied by a huge amount of photos by Drew Humphrey, capturing all the best moments of the competition. Oh and there's also a sweet edit!

Jan Ebbert Interview: Talking About Winterclash And His Vision On Skating

I've known Jan Ebbert (former Niehues) since the day I started skating. He visited my home-skatepark with his shoulder-long hair, packed full of protectors and tried do his first grinds. With his reserved and calm personality he displayed a huge contrast to our crew and somehow he filled a gap. However, the thing i mostly like about him is the fact that he gained experience and became even more mature throughout the time - especially skating-wise! "Der Deutsche" (The German) has a fluent and steady style which comes with the fact that he knows about the things he is able to do - he might won't risk as much as others would, but it means that he will always be on the safe and steady side on skates. Moreover, Jan has the ability to only skate once in a month and still be able to land all the tricks his vocabulary consists! Obijankinobi is our padawan, so look out, he just in the beginnings!

Amsterdam Week: Who’s Who in Amsterdam

As you might have noticed this week we are spotlighting Rollerblading Amsterdam here on Be-Mag. Of course, we can't talk about Rollerblading in A-Dam without giving you an insight into the city's skate crew. So, what other people will you be meeting most likely when you decide to shred in Holland's capital - so here it is. A list of the Amsterdam Rollerbladers you might come across when you cruise through the city.

Amsterdam Week: Photographer Profile – Bojd Vredevoogd

Without Bojd Vredevoogd the Amsterdam Week wouldn't have been possible. Whether it was in the middle of the night or early in the morning Bojd didn't hesitate one second to shoot pictures and contribute all his freetime for the Be-Mag Amsterdam Week 2012. Bojd is the man you can count on when you need a badass shot. Although it's pretty difficult to get a shot of the Red Light District the 26-year old Amsterdam local isn't the one to disappoint or give up. He will find a solution to get things done. Always down to motivate others to give their best and catching the right angles with his analogue camera. Marnix Haak had the chance to talk to him and to ask him about his motives and perceptions on rolling, photographing, girls, party, clothes etc.? Let's go beyond the surface, and investigate what's going on inside his mind. Interview. Start. Now.

Competition Report: Get Out The Way Contest in Amsterdam

There was total chaos in Amsterdam when the first 'GET OUT THE WAY' edition went loose. Eighteen teams with thirty-six skaters raced on their bikes from spot to spot throughout the whole city. At each spot they had to finish a certain trick to get as many points as possible. We made an edit from the footage that the competitors sent us to give you a little impression of what went down on the 25th of August.

Montre Livingston in Amsterdam

Here's a small edit featuring some of the tricks Montre was lacing yesterday during the pre-session and the soul session at Sloterdijk. Stay tuned a for a bigger edit with more tricks and also tricks from Skateland, where we will be skating today! Shout out to all the Be-mag readers from Montre!

Dick Heerkens: One Minute, One Spot

This spot is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, near Amtel station. This rail is quite new in Amsterdam. Because there is not much footage from this rail, I decided to film my One Minute One Spot at this spot. There is a little gap between both rails, which makes the rail even more exciting/technical to skate. I'm sure you're gonna see more footage from this spot in the near future, becaus it's one of the best rails we have in Amsterdam!

[MAG] December 2015 Issue

Our Dutch friends just released the latest issue, which will unfortunately also be the last... After 5 years of constant releases, it is a shame to...