Valo: EU V13 Promo

After announcing the Valo EU V13 Skate last week, here is the promo video as well, featuring the Valo Europe Team including Kare Lindberg, Patrick...

Grindhouse in Barcelona: Alex Rudolf

First of all, it has been like a year since our a great tour. At first, it was uncertain if we’d even be able to go or not. But, we lucked out and everything came together to make tour and the Try to Roll Contest happen in 2011 for us. Kicking it off, we headed straight to BCN.

Inercia Skateparks Tour 2011 Day #3 + #4

On day 3 of the tour, we woke up to a sunny Tarragona's day, everything looked perfect, and we decided to go Reus Skatepark to meet with the other bladers and start the sesh. The weather was super hot under the killer spanish sun. For lunch time, we moved to a bar to have some tapas.