Dustin Werbeski interview

Half way through the 7th grade, a new kid arrived at my school in a town of about 1300 people. For what ever reason I can't recall, I took it upon...


Vine St: Chapter II author and all-round great blader, friend and cinematographer Dom West just put out this proper section of UK's finest blading...

Ground Control DVD Review by Lukas Tönnesmann + Exclusive DVD Section

Ever since the first rolling videos hit the market in the early '90's, certain releases – such as 'The Hoax' and VG installments, or later published milestones like 'Coup de Tat' and 'Brain Fear Gone' – have changed not only the way people tend to look at and think about the specific scenes and rollerbladers portrayed, but also rolling culture itself. Even though I think it's too early to say what long term effect the release of GC.1 will have on the rolling world it undoubtedly has heightened my expectations regarding filming and video graphic techniques. Adding the extremely high production quality to the skills of one of the best teams in rollerblading yet, the math basically does itself. The Ground Control team video represents the passion and hard work Jon Elliott and his crew have put into their dream, resulting in one of the most spectacular videos to date.

Michael Obedoza: Drawing Lines

What a dork! Mike's passionate about culinary arts, a great personality amongst friends, and has a positive influence on anyone that comes in contact with him. Did I mention he's a dork?

Eugen Enin: One Minute One Spot

I first noticed Eugen at the rollTogether #7 session in Heerlen (Netherlands) back in 2008. People came to me and asked me, who is that guy with that amazing style, never seen or heard anything of him!“ Eugen simply killed it that day, not only style-wise, but also trick-wise. Give this guy a ledge with a decent length and let's say 10 minutes: You will be witnessing – how his friends called it – the „Eugen factor“. He will pull out tricks that he has never done before, switching it up like five times as he sticks on the ledge with his feet – unable to fall. 2010 was a great year for Eugen. He abandoned his coyness, travelled Germany for some major contests and enriched the online rolling world with his raw talent. Due to his hard work, he is also now known in different other countries in Europe. 2011 is gonna be crazy as he plans to leave his mark on some international contests! Watch out for Mr. Enin, Germany's upcoming street warrior!

Richie Eisler Retrospective

About a decade ago I met this guy somewhere on the streets of Regina. Where, when, and how must be as dull as the city itself, for I lack the memories. But I do hope all the other experiences and knowledge I've gained from knowing such a person will stick with me forever.