One Day with Brian Freeman Edit by Bander Saleh

All the skating was shot in one day in Oakland, CA. Was planning on shooting more than a day but BFree just recently got hurt filming for the new Valo video. With that said, enjoy this little edit we put together. -Bander Saleh

Pariah Review by Lukas Tönnesmann

It is hard to put into words how very much I enjoy Adam Johnson´s work. Not only does he know how to capture the aesthetics of rollerblading in a way that appeals to a vast majority of the rolling community, but in addition he seems to dedicate every breathing minute to rollerblading related projects, be it VX, Street Artist or whatnot. For the last few years Adam has been on the road constantly. The routine of buying a van and turning it into his mobile headquarter appears to have become a fixed segment of his life. After filming for On Top and Charging, both extremely well received projects, he still had the energy to put his all into yet another feat.

A Day in Oakland

BFree is skating around Oakland, CA from spot to spot to test out their new camera. And to shred streets of course.

Vibralux Snapback hats promo with Alex Broskow und Michael Collins

Alex Broskow, Bfree and Michael Collins are repping the Vibralux Snapback hats in this promo edit. This new VX hat will be available in three colorways at a shop near you very soon! This is not only a promo for the new hat, but also a promo for skating at all since Broskow, Bfree and Collins are destroying spots left and right with amazing steeze!

Street Artist Interview With Adam Johnson

Street Artist has become a force to be reckoned with since they popped onto the scene not too long ago. Be-Mag's Michael Bayr caught up with Adam Johnson to get the scoop on Street Artists' history and where they're headed.