Top 5: Brian Freeman

Having sponsors like Valo, Vibralux and Street Artist, and being featured in the last two Adam Johnson flicks already shows that B Free is much...

Thoughts on ‘Long Time, No See’ by Craig Smith

Our sport peaked some years back. That is an undisputable fact. Since then we have seen many videos focussing more on the culture, its roots and where it’s going. Some are unrealistically optimistic, some are glorified edits, but few are as honest as 'Long Time, No See'.

Brian Moore on ‘The City Never Sleeps’ + Trailers & Brady Johnston Profile

Brian Moore is about to release his new DVD 'The City Never Sleeps'. After more than two years of filming for the video and a $10,000 investment Brian has finally come to an end! Watching the teasers and considering the positive feedback the film got after its premiere at the Hoedown Contest in Dallas you can be sure that this release will get your ass up from the sofa and strap on your skates. Although Brian said that he did this video mostly for himself, we think that this video is made for everyone. But decide for yourself: an in depth interview, two trailers and Brady Johnston's section from the video should provide a good basis for your decision on whether or not to get the flick! All of this after the jump…

Brian Shima added to Create Originals Pro Team

Many skaters have came and gone throughout the short history of our sport. Many talented people who have impacted blading immensely have came and went within a few short years, no longer to be seen again. Only a handful have lasted the test of time and continue to progress skating to insane levels today. Our newest pro rider for Create Originals is one of the most iconic pro's that our industry has ever seen. Nobody has been skating as hard and as raw for as long as he has. He has an unmatchable track record throughout the years complete with legendary sections, interviews and contest placings. This guy's just one of the greatest and we couldn't be happier to have him down. Ladies and gents, please welcome Brian Shima to the CO pro team. -Billy O'Neill

Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #10: Prelims

As we entered the course around 2pm you could sense the excitement as well as some nervousness affecting most of the competitors. With only 30 minutes of warm up time before the contest everyone was very eager to get warmed up and finalize their run. The contest format was 2 runs, 60 seconds each, and they take your best run. Along with all the international competitors there was also three Chinese skaters who had moved on from the China National contest the day before. Due to the fact that the skatepark was very spread out everyone had different tricks and unique lines which was very cool to see.

Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #9: Let’s do this!

Since the weather took a turn for the worst yesterday with all the rain and dropping temperatures my expectations weren't very high for today. Surprisingly driving to the event the sun was out and the temperature was the highest it had been since arriving in Beijing. As we made our way to the course the mountain bike contest was running late which was fine because it gave me some time to decide how my line was going to be laid out and what lines would required the most practice. As always the local skaters were super welcoming and looked happy to see us which made the feeling more like a skate park session than a contest.

Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #5: Rainy Daze

Unless you live in Southern California weather is a factor that always put a damper on skating, with that being said today Beijing was hit with heavy winds and rain. Due to the fact that we went to Woodward Beijing the day before nobody was thrilled on the idea of making the long drive two days in a row. We decided that today would be a perfect time to explore the city and do some shopping.

Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #3: The Pants Situation

My third day in China started off bright and early. At 8am the phone rang and I heard Frankys voice telling me, "Brian I'm in the lobby, time to go get pants". I did need new pants due to ripping a pair the previous day but I was a little confused by the time that he had chose to go shopping, but hey, when in Beijing!

Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #2: Brian Aragon’s first Day in China

Waking up periodically through the first night, Thursday morning couldn't come soon enough! My day started when Asian team rider, Franky Zhang, picked me up around 11am and took me to one of his favorite places to eat in Beijing which strangely enough was Indian food. After a nice lunch we headed to the press conference that was being held for the CX games which included all the organizers of the event as well as two pro BMXers.

Scribe Industries: Brian Bruno AM Edit by Mike Donovan

The longest AM rollerblader on Scribe, Brian is still at it. Between a job, and full-time school, Brian Bruno shows you he still has what it takes to pump out good rollerblading. Flawless style, with a wide trick vocabulary. Expect even more Bruno blading in the near future!

Razors Week at Woodward West 2011 – Article #1 by Brian Aragon

This past week we were given the opportunity to go to Woodward West and have an official Razors Week in the mountains of Tehachapi, California. During the week Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Rachard Johnson, Erik Rodriguez and myself were all able to be in attendance. For many years the name “Woodward” has been associated with great skate parks and a summer destination for extreme athlete enthusiasts. Growing up I never had the opportunity to experience the camp aspect of Woodward, it was not until I turned pro that I was able to visit the facility and enjoy everything they had to offer.

Brian Aragon: Rolling back into the X-Games?

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Brian Aragon in Encinitas, CA and discuss his involvement with rollerblading in the X-Games this year. He has been working diligently with X-mini towards the goal of bringing skating back into an X-Games spotlight and gaining what many feel is some long overdue publicity. X-mini, a company who has sponsored events like the Chaz Sands Invitational, FISE and Winterclash, approached Brian in Shanghai at Asian X-Games to discuss the possibility of getting him and a team involved to some capacity with X-Games 17. Without hesitation this idea quickly got rolling into what could be the next big break for rollerblading.

Brian Aragon, Dre Powell in Chile: first stop of the Razors South America tour

In the rolling world there is a lot of hype on the South America scenes recently. And that's simply justified. The scene below the equator is ripe and thriving right now. Earlier this year we featured the NIMH South America tour through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru here on be-mag. Now Razors adventures the trip to South America as well. With their first tour stops in Chile they turned a whole national rolling community inside out. Make sure you check out this tour stop and you can already look forward to some more coverage (soon on be-mag exclusively) from this country which ranges over 39 lines of latitude from the North to the South. Thanks to William Lobos and his friends for all the work they put into this update. This update not only features the beauty of our sport, it features the beautiful things that comes with rollerblading: intercultural friendships, memories and experience.