Sin City Session 2012 Edit by Daniel Scarano

Daniel Scaranos view on the Sin City Session 2012 organized by Chris Calkins. Featuring Chris Calkins, Tony Rivituso, Franky Zhang, Kasra Ghaharian, Aarin Gates, Tim Franken, Joey Jaime, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Cloe, Russell Day, Chris Napoleon, Chad Hornish, Jon Easy, Tyler Hester, the one and olny R-MONEY$$$, Nacho Romero, Coco Sanchez, Fallon Heffernan, Andrew DiPalo, Anthony Luna, Dre Powell & Derek Stanton.

‘Take Your Time’ Trailer

The 'Take Your Time' crew has just released a trailer for their video. It features Geof Leva, Keith Hubbard, Gregory Preston, Michael Obedoza, Abel Lawal, Chris Calkins, Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Joey Jaime, Ranier Piramide, Alexander Rudolf and more...

Take Your Time: at the AIL Finals in Woodward West Skatepark

Take Your Time did a weekend trip to Woodward West for the AIL finals. In this edit you can watch the guys messing around at the park during practice and the comp, and constantly pulling pranks on each other. Featuring skating by Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Gregory Preston, Tony Rivituso, Chuck Cauton, Aarin Gates, Danny Malm, Chris Calkins, and Matt Mickey.

Ground Control AM Mason Richard Promo Edit

Check out Ground Controls Newest AM Mason Richard. Originally this footage was to be released on "Dag Days" but since there is still lots of time left to film we have been blessed with this promo edit. Edited by Anthony Medina. Additional filming by: Will Kennedy, Daniel Scarano, & Chris Calkins. Enjoy...

First Sunday Sessions at Belvedere Skatepark

We had around 80 people at this First Sunday session. Some OG bladers came out for the session like Rachard Johnson and Gonzo as well as a lot of the current killers from SoCal like Russell Day, Anthony Gallegos, Chris Calkins, Tim Franken, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Soderburg, Steve Cortez and more. We also had people roll up from Santa Barbara and San Diego. A lot of youngsters attended as well. It was an awesome session. First Sunday July 3rd takes place noon till whenever at Paramount Skate Park! -Quinn Feldman

Team Razors skating the Horns

This edit features Razors fiders Steven Tat, Korey Waikiki, Geoff Acers, Howie Bennett, Jon Fromm, Taylor Ritchie, Chris Calkins, Ryan Timms, Tommy Chung, Erick Rodriguez, Courtney Cain, Dan Barnes and Brent Hicks on their Horn skates.

1st Sunday Session at Lincoln Skate Plaza

First Sundays was awesome as usual, we had over 50 people at this session come out and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at the new Lincoln Skate Plaza. We had people like Kruise Sapstein, Rob G, Anthony Williams, Russell Day, Chris Calkins, Rudy Avila, of course Jeremy Soderburg who is one of the organizers and a ton of other rippers. The skate park has such a nice flow to it and I spent most of my time on skating the nice small p-rail which was a lot fun for everyone. We had a 50 person p-rail session going on at one point during the day.

Sin City Sessions Report on the Revolution Blog

The Sin City Session event took place this past weekend in Las Vegas, NV. Setup and organized by Vegas ripper Chris Calkins. Skaters showed up from Cali, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and even the midwest. Grass roots events like this are great for blading, and doing it in a place like Vegas, you can’t go wrong. Check out the report on the Revolution site!