LocoSkates.com Beach Jam 2011

Yesterday, before the rain washed away the finale and caused a delay, three divisions came and conquered the 2011 LocoSkates.com Beach Jam. In the end, with a move in location, the contest was finished and all who came had the chance to showcase their talents. It truly was a battle making for an epic day of skating.

Capital Clash 2011 Contest Report

Blake Bird and Grif Kerry hosted the first skate competition in London for over 9 years. All the top UK riders turned out. It was a treat that bladers from over 10 years ago dusted their skates off and came for a roll including people like Imeon Hartwig, Charlie Lockyer, Taz, Sid, Jordan Murphy and Johnny Sabento.

LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour Announcement

Without wanting to do too much self-trumpet-blowing, it has occurred to me that our team at LocoSkates is an outstanding collection of UK rollerblading talent. It's also occurred to me that we have alot of fun when we travel. Nor did it slip my mind that Scotland is not only a great market for us at LocoSkates.com, but is full of killer street spots, incredible skateparks and inspired, pro-active, hospitable people. The LocoSkates LoveScotland tour had to happen.