Dave Lang Starring In Common’s New Music Video

Dave Lang had a guest appearance in Common's latest music video production. For the Chicago rap artist's upcoming single 'Favorite Song' Dave performed some cool blading maneuvers at the Venice Beach skatepark. Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look of the video production by Daniel Scarano.

Dave Lang air time

No question, Dave Lang has become a name that pops up quite often recently. Here we just received another visual banger from him. Even though he suffered from a knee injury, he is not afraid to lace this ass-kicking spins over Woodward's flybox during his first session after his injury. Check it out.

SSM ‘The Bloodline’ Promo Edit

Watch the new SSM 'The Bloodline' edit featuring Firstbloods Joey Chase, John Bolino, Billy O'Neill, Brian Shima, and Marc Moreno, Secondbloods Matty Schrock, Dave Lang, Adria Saa, and Remy Meister as well as Prospects Brian Weis, Gene Stagall, Sean Salazar, and Paco Rey.

‘DEATH GIME MANOR’ Edit by Andrew Nemiroski

No way will you ever find a box edit posted in the Be-Mag news. That's ridiculous. But then there's this edit popping up with steeze to the max Dave Lang, Andrew Jacuzzi and Andrew Nemiroski...? Which also features tricks by Brian Bina, Quintin Lamb and more...? Let's call this the exception to the rule...

Create Originals Online Edit Contest: Montage

Take a look at some of the highlights from the first Create Originals Online Edit Contest. I apologize to anyone who was not included in the edit. It is nothing personal, there were just some errors due to video formatting. The next contest will have specific video requirements in order to include everyone in the next highlight montage. Thanks again to everyone who made this contest possible. -Dave Lang

WRS ‘Uploaded’: Round 3/Day 2

Round 3 Day 2 voting is now live on WRSuploaded.com with Chris Haffey vs. Dave Lang and Alex Broskow vs. Sven Boekhorst. You have 24 hours to vote on these battles!