Dominik Wagner: Brooklyn, NY

One Day NY just released a banger edit with Dominik Wagner shredding down the streets of New York. These clips are from all over the city either at a late night session after work or just random occurrences while out and about with the crew. Filmed by Michael Valenzuela, Kyle Sola, Nigel Hosang, Sean Engler, and David Toro, who also made the edit.

In Depth: Dominik Wagner

Dominik was and will always be a welcome addition the bread basket of bladers in NYC. Whether he is in the Bronx getting evicted with Shardy by his landlord, blading uptown with Nigel, or being a dirt bag in Bed-Stuy with Josh and myself, Dominik will always be missed in NYC. Okay, enough with the crying brown nose bullshit. Dominik came through NYC like a Blitzkrieg. After his eviction from Shardy's domicile he had the pleasure of finding a pad close to Josh and I with two very strange room mates. One of which who apparently liked to bring home random foreigners to watch movies or trash the apartment with. Haha! So when I had a room available in my place I told him to get the fuck out of there. That was the beginning of our little German experience. Always wielding some sort of point and shoot camera and sunglasses, Dominik is always down to blade or hang. What a funny "super hero" to have around. Thanks for coming through to teach us the ways of the Germans (Bier), introducing us to Sophie and Lucia (sexy German ladies) and just being the one we miss. Dominik "Fucking" Wagner, the German Champion of NYC! Wahoooo!

Franco Cammayo and Dominik Wagner sessioning Shields Skatepark

On a rainy Tuesday night in April, I dropped my plans and headed south to skate a quick session with Franco Cammayo and Dominik Wagner at Shields Skatepark in Flemington, NJ. Dominik had spent several weeks of April in NYC to work on the second installment to his published photography book titled "Forever Now."

Dominik Wagner Winterclash 2011 Champion

Short edit of leftover clips from Traitement to congratulate Dominik on winning the Winterclash 2011! Watch the Dominik Wagner part in Traitement. The video will be available at BCSD and shops worldwide. Soon.

YOU Convention 2010 report: Showtime with Sven Boekhorst, Avella Anthony, Dominik Wagner and more

When it comes to organizing some of blading's major events such as the 'European Half Pipe Championships, the Grindhouse Spine Masters, Winterclash, BCSD, or the Real Street comps there is a lot that goes on behind the scene to attribute to the comps success. There are always devoted people behind each event who work their asses off in order to keep the sport alive and bring in support year after year. These unnoticed heroes do it without any personal gain. Sometimes they even invest their own money simply for the audience, the industry, and the love of the sport.

FISE Montpellier 2010 live-update (Day 1): Dominik Wagner gives a short video update

Be-Mag sent some of their core staff members to one of the biggest European Extreme Sport Events, the FISE, taking place in the centre of Montpellier (France). Be sure that we will once again try our best to cover the very best from this huge and action-packed event. So those of you who couldn't make it to the real event, come back here and be still part of something great. Within the next few days you will be able to experience the event through the eyes of Jojo Jacobi, Dominic Swagemakers and some more helpers. They will be on the FISE skate-course, on the FISE-parties, on the beach and close to all the big skate teams coming from all around the world. Let's get the party started.

Dominik Wagner takes the first place at the Rollinz contest 2010

On the 24th of April 2010, the first Rollerblading contest went down at Austria's finest Indoor-Skatepark, the Lissfeld-Skatehall, in Linz. A lot of people showed up to shred this wonderful package of wood. Dominik Wagner came in first amazing everyone with his quick lines and uncanny transfers. Austria's posterboy, Stefan Horngacher, also went strong at this contest trying to outstrip Dominik's win. Check out the edit below. Also make sure you cast an eye on Jojo's crazy wallride who definitely set a new skatepark-record.

Dominik Wagner US Tour – Print Supplement Issue 35

As you may have read in the Be-Mag print article already, for me, being on tour is not all about skating only. With my pictures I tried to capture moments apart from all that rollerblading stuff - hanging around, driving all day long and seeing weird stuff on the road.