Are you ready for Summerclash 2013?

Only 16 days until Summerclash... that’s only a little more than two weeks. The weather is finally getting better, the last sponsoring deals are getting finalized, our tradeshow partners confirmed and the street course is planned. We are almost ready to welcome our guests from around 30 different countries for that one special weekend in the summer of 2013! In case you haven’t been following the Summerclash website and Facebook, here’s a little recap!

In Depth: Stefan Horngacher

HORN! HORN! HORN! Blading's most chantable stuntman is our latest in-depth victim. Meet the disaster-slayer who wants all the good stuff and would rather not die in the dirt. He's just like you and I... mostly.

Wheel Love Skateshop Company Profile

The foundation for any growing skate community is a physical brick and mortar skate shop. The country of Malaysia is lucky to have one run by a long time dedicated blader. We checked in with Wheel Love to see how their business is growing and continuing to expand.

Up and comers: Dave Mutschall

Dave is one of these metropolitan suburb kids that have the rare talent of using their skates in a very natural way; it seems that this kid has concrete in his veins. He doesn't slam, he falls like a cat, always landing on his feet. He has the ability to grind longer and faster than most of us. Growing up in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Berlins East End, 'Marzahn', Dave found a way to use Rollerblading as an art of moving and stepping out of the grey everyday life Marzahns monotonous architectured slabs entail. Combining raw rail skating, parkour and fluid ramp skating as his basics, he got a wide range of tricks and possibilities to push his own limits. And this is just the beginning...

Ben Harmanus: Reflecting on What Is

Ben is a veteran in our sport, has pulled some of the burliest stunts, been around the block more times than even he can remember, and now in his wiser days he is putting enlightenment before excitement when taking a look at all that skating and life around him has become. With the relaunch of Chimera and a fresh start in Berlin he has stepped into a life of inspiration.

Christian Obermaier: One Minute One Spot

I consider Chris as one of my best friends although I live in Vienna right now and we see us only on an irregular basis. But I know when we meet up again it will be as it always was. Chris is a very open-minded person, he loves to travel and treats everyone as he wants to be treated. And then there is rollerblading. He loves it. No, he adores it! Every free minute he can get besides studying, meeting his non-rollerblading friends, getting drunk in Lederhosen or mowing the lawn, he'll spend in his Valos. The spot where this little edit was filmed is a rather new one in Rosenheim. Spot-wise, this Bavarian town doesn't have much to offer so this ledge is visited quite often by the small number of rollerbladers living there. If you congratulate him about the incredible tricks he did on that spot in such a short period of time he will say: "Aah, that wasn't good… Nothing special…" et cetera. But in fact he never has to question his skills.

Rollacoasta Sessions Vol. 2 Report

The last years first Rollacoasta Session in Schleswig was still a rather spontaneous get together of rollerbladers from Flensburg, Hamburg and parts of Denmark. At that time nobody thought about advancing this session to a regular gathering of the northern rollerblading scene. But since there hasn't been much going on in terms of events apart from the X-Mas Jam it presents itself as a great opportunity to change that and give the sleepy scene some valuable momentum.

Rollinz 2011 Contest Report

There are only a few rollerblading competitions in Austria. The Rollinz is by far the biggest of them all and gives rollerbladers all over the country the opportunity to meet and of course to battle each other in the nicest skatepark Austria has to offer. Rollinz 2011 went down on the 5th of March this year and the event lived up to everyones expectations and beyond!

Winterclash Live Update #5: Still working on the course

Hey there, we are back. We have finished three new obstacles (powered by Ignition) so far and Rollerblade's totem pole. There is one more obstacle on the way, so stay tuned. We might test the new obstacles tonite and might get some exclusive footage for you. Stay tuned! 2 days left...