‘Traitement’: Jacob Juul Profile

You can now watch another part of the Be-Mag production 'Traitement' online, featuring none other than Danish powerhouse Jacob Juul. Jacob annihilates every spot put in front of him, always eager to push himself to take his blading to new heights. Filmed and directed by Jonas Hansson, Jacob's part in the video gives you an understanding of the mindset of someone that can do anything he wants on a pair of skates.

Jacob Juul’s Cali Chronicles #1

Last year Jacob Juul won the Scandinavian Real Street Competition in Copenhagen. The first prize was a plane ticket to Cali and back. My mom works for Cimber Air and I fly cheap, so on a cold December morning at around 6, on our way home from the bar, we decided to go to Cali together for 2 months. I hit up my friend Greg in Long Beach and asked him if he could hook us up with a place to buy a car, and he did. We landed in LAX the 19th of January at 12 am and Greg was in the airport with his homie Robert, waiting for us...

Jacob Juul is back on track

One of the most memorable blading moments I had this year was at the Pony Cup (Danish Championships) in March. I heard that my friend Jacob was rolling again after a one year break because of a knee surgery. He told me that he was only planning on cruising around a bit and having fun being back on his wheels. Obviously I was looking forward to seeing that.

Jacob Juul took the RSC Stockholm 2011

This year's RSC Stockholm competition was taken by Jacob Juul. The Danish powerhouse loves to grind handycap rails with high speed and doesn't fear to rock the big shit on drop rails. Have fun watching the edit.

Jacob Juul comeback

After a one year break Jacob Juul from Kopenhagen (Denmark) is back on track. He seems to be recovered from a complex knee surgery and is on a good way to find his flow again. Expect him on several contests this year shredding it up with his smooth style. Here is a little teaser for his comeback.

A Grindhouse View 2009 – Jacob Juul

This is the Jacob Juul profile for the 2009 Grindhouse DVD, "A Grindhouse View". The whole section was filmed within a few days of shooting for his be-mag interview in kopenhagen. camera & editing: daniel prell

Jacub Juul’s Cali Chronicles #2

Our plan was to make some video updates for our time here in Cali, but with our little oldschool HD style camera it's hard to get to the standards. With help from Mike Tseng, who filmed second angles with his GoPro, we found some cool spots sometimes hidden from most street skaters over here, who use absurd amont of wax by the way.

Real Street Amsterdam 2013

The first thing that comes to mind when most bladers think about Amsterdam is the IMYTA. It's been seven years since the last event, and after months of preparation the streets of the Dutch city will once again be the stage for a Real Street Amsterdam. With confirmed riders such as Jacob Juul, Tyron Ballantine and Daniel Prell, all new spots and a great team of judges the contest is a must-go for Europe's bladers!

‘Traitement’: Dominik Wagner Profile

It's October 2009, the last chance to shoot before the weather starts turning bad. Jacob Juul and myself get on the midnight express. Origin: Copenhagen, Destination: Berlin. Purpose of travel: A two week shoot for a untitled video project...