Competition Report: A Town Stomp

On August 17th, 2012 competitors and friends began to arrive in our fair city. Solid street clips were acquired. The evening overtook us and we hunkered down to feast and imbibe libations.

Checking in with David Sizemore

David Sizemore has been "good" for some time now, but as you know being good doesn't always make you accepted amongst your peers. I don't think anyone can say just what "it" is that makes you accepted in our culture. Tightness of pants, choice of slang, style of hair, who you hang out with, what your elbow is doing when you land. Styles have changed so drastically since my days as a "youth", I don't really know what's acceptable these days.

Sideshow Rodeo – Toe Blade Section Now Online!

Here we go with the Toe Blade Section starring Adam Ehalt taken from Sideshow Rodeo. You might have seen a lot of rolling videos before, but when you had the chance to watch Sideshow Rodeo one thing is for sure: this video is different from all the other videos taking a complete different approach to Rollerblading. Just watch this section and you might get an idea what we are talking about.

Sideshow Rodeo: Exclusive Insight

Sideshow Rodeo is now shipping worldwide to stores. Jamie from Footage Tape gives us an insight on the project. Read about the new DVD release produced by Footage Tape and see the first trailer, along with a behind the scenes on the Fire edit and David Sizemore.

Sideshow Rodeo – David Sizemore Promo

David Sizemore is the epitome of professionalism. Even though he extracts copious amounts of joy from skating, he handles like it's strictly business. He's a blading powerhouse who further perfects his art with each session. Check out this promo edit and catch the whole section in Sideshow Rodeo!

Keaton Newsom – The City Never Sleeps Profile

As I was about to post Keaton's new 5ONIT edit, I realized his "City Never Sleeps Profiile" was never posted here. Keaton's a good friend and an amazing skater, he's gotten so good over the years and I personally can't wait to see more of his skating...and I bet we will!

FT – 5ONIT – Matt Jones

After this amazing Puerto Rico edit that was released just recently by the Footage Tape guys (Jamie Olmstead and Kevin Dowling) here comes the FT -...