Jeph Howard Minneapolis Edit by Midnight Cinema

Recently I had to travel to Minneapolis, MN for a week on business and stayed with a good friend of mine Jeph Howard. Over a period of three days we got to collaborate on a project thanks to The Conference. -Paul John

Jeph Howard turns Pro for Razors

He's been in this game for a long time. Seen the trends, bladed thru them all. He's a salty dog, definitely deserving of some praise. I am stoked to introduce Jeph Howard as the newest Razors Pro. -Dan Knapmiller

Game Theory: Jeph Howard Section

If you want to know what Jeph Howard is about, watch this section! Jeph doesn't enjoy the normal spots! He always needs some kind of challenge, some kind of scary dangerous aspect that makes the spot or the trick so much harder! Watch this section and ask yourself would you try that? Enjoy...

Jeph Howard | Welcome to the Am Team

Razors is proud to welcome Jeph Howard to the AM Team. We’ve been associated with Jeph for close to 5 years now, and if you ask me, it’s about damn time we made this decision. One of the most dedicated “grown” bladers I know, skating everyday, no matter the weather or work schedule. Together with his fellow MN skaters, they’ve organized 2 street skating days a week. Rearranging their work schedules, now every Tuesday and Sunday are designated for street skating, again, regardless of weather conditions. Never knowing where or when, they keep a generator, videographer and photographer on deck....

Razors welcomes Jeph Howard to the AM Team

Jeph's been cutting up the streets with his Razor blades for a long time now, floating in that grey area, caught between flow and Am. His dedication to his craft and his addictive personality are easily his best attributes. He shows no signs of stopping, skating everyday, finding new and interesting spots in the name of keeping it fresh. Keep an eye out for Mr. Howard in 2011, it promises to be a big year.

Jeph Howard – 2011 Pro Wheel

His Promo edit to his new Undercover "glow in the dark" pro wheel. Filmed and Edited by Blake Cohen. Jeph Howard 2011 pro wheel from ConferenceTV...