One Minute One Spot: Jo Zenk

During my stay in Varna / Bulgaria this august, I was able to travel around with a few friends and the guys from vertigo iztok, the local skateshop. This gave me the chance to skate this beautiful spot in Dobrich, a city not far away from varna. the runway was a crappy sidewalk and the landing was halfway overgrown by grass but in bulgaria many of the spots are like that. They call it "agrar-spots". In my eyes thats what gives that spot his nice atmosphere and I really liked to skate it. after a few tricks everybody wanted to head over to another spot so we thought about coming back another day to film some more clips which we never did. Anyways because I really liked the atmosphere of the clips I decided to use them for my One Minute One Spot. Thanks Bash for the filming, Thanks Be-Mag for the opportunity. Watch out for more comin soon. Now check it out for yourself.

Johannes Zenk in Miami

Johannes Zenk from Münster (Germany) have been in Miami with his girlfriend earlier this year. Besides all the sightseeing stuff, Jo found some time to destroy some of the Miami skatepark. 100 % safety, 100 % Jo Zenk!

Johannes Zenk: Bulgaria Trip

In August 2009 Jo (Johannes) and his girlfriend went on a one month trip to bulgaria. Jo totally fell in love with the country, its cities and especially the people. They already booked their flights for August 2010 to be there another month. The two parts you can see here features what went down during Jo's one month trip: Halfpipe-Competition, Street-Skating, Skaters from all over the place as well as some nice scenery clips. Have a closer look.


Borklyn Zoo's Sven Ischen, Ángel Meléndez, Eugen Enin and Jo Zenk skated their local digs and the Tempelhof Airport plaza in Berlin. Eugen, please...

“Rollschuhlaufen” – A video by Daniel Gourski

The term "Rollschuhlaufen" is German and a minimization of Rollerblading, more oriented to the activity of recreational quad skating. If you're invited to go "Rollschuhlaufen", you know you're up to good times blading with the homies in a non-competitive manner. Not exactly dinky are the tricks Daniel Gourski, Eugen Enin, Jo Zenk and others attempted while filming for this video in Spain and Germany in 2010. The feel good vibe of "Rollschuhlaufen" is present throughout the whole thing though. Have a look!

Varna / Constanta trip – August 2010

Here is an edit produced by Pavlin "Bash" Ivanov featuring some of East Bulgaria's finest rollers as well as some German import skaters such as Jo Zenk and Assia Zaharieva. Check it out.


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