Genre is Dead: John Bolino

In this edit by Chris Majette, John Bolino is shredding the streets like crazy! "Genre is Dead" is the last video from Genre Wheels before they merged into Denial. They certainly know how to end an era. Sweet video, enjoy!

Nimh South America Tour Part 6: Montre Livingston and John Bolino starting their shred-tour through Ecuador

Between all the Skate tours and the big contests going down in Europe, we still have some more exclusive coverage from the Nimh South America tour. After a long and intense journey through Colombia they finally bashed their way towards Ecuador to continue this great tour again on a private bus. Here we go with another revolutionary Nimh South America update. Make sure you read on!

John Bolino Preview

Here is a teaser for a special feature with John Bolino that will be released on soon. John acquired a global-reputation as a ripper...

NIMH South America Tour part 2: John Bolino and Montre Livingston on the Road to Cuzco

Jeremy Stephenson just send in the next update. As you can see in the edit and on the pictures, the NIMH tourists seem to be far off a city's usual infrastructure. So we are glad Jeremy somehow succeeded in sending us another exclusive and authentic content. Everything seems to be great on the tour so far and John and Montre obviously get the full South American treatment - by having shots at 06:30 in the morning. Find out more below...


No doubt John Bolino is steady coming up with amazing footage. Whereever he goes, whatever he skates - be sure he will destroy it! Massive gaps, 720 like nothing, waisthigh fishbrains, switch ups that were never done before both regular and switch...he won't stop entertaining his worldwide audience.