90 seconds with Mathieu Ledoux

Epic edit by Montreal's finest Matt Ledoux. In this edit Matt is once again pushing the envelope by showing a wide variety of his unique acrobatic tricks. Thanks for your inspiration. Watch out for some more Mathieu Ledoux coverage in the next few weeks here on be-mag.

Revolution “On The Spot” with Mattieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux is an amazing skater, a good friend, and an inspiration. He chooses to not be in the spotlight, but we really wanted to share some insight into who Mathieu Ledoux is, and what makes Mathieu Ledoux so unique on and off the blades.

Fester Wheels: Danny Beer Flow Edit

Mathieu Ledoux vouched for Danny's skating, that was good enough for us to put him on. Danny has a creative outlook on skating, his spot selection is refreshing, and you can see that he loves to skate. We're juiced to have Danny rep Fester Wheels. -Damien Wilson

Revolution 90 Seconds: James Johnson

How could I put into words who James Johnson is to me? James is someone that I feel blessed to share experiences on this planet with. A human being that inspires me to better myself. A dude, that I would fly out to Arizona to hang out with, even if I can't skate cause I have a busted shin. Yes, he owns a skate shop. Yes, he has been the back bone of one of the healthiest skate scenes in America. Yes, he has had hundreds of people staying in his home so they could come skate in AZ, but for me James is way more than the sum of what he did or did not. For me, James Johnson is a friend, a brother (even if I am not close to being Native). As for his skating, I will let the 90 seconds speak for itself. -Mathieu Ledoux

Damien Wilson – “Fester” Promo

I have been working on this video called 'Fester' for a year or so. I have been working on this with Nick Wood, Lyle Shivak, Joey Chase, Jon Jon Bolino, Casey "CORN NUT" Mc Farland, Mathieu Ledoux and many others. It is a project that I am extremely proud of. And the first in a long time at that.

Picture Me Rolling – Montage 2

We're back! This week we present to you our second montage for Picture Me Rolling. It features the likes of Mathieu Ledoux, Sean Knight, Luke Porter, Blair Loughhead, Mark Benic and Erik Burrow.

Southparc & TAZ Session by RollToronto

Brandon and Dave from RollToronto headed to Montreal for a weekend to shred with all the guys at Southparc and the Taz. Featuring skating by Nicky Adams, Matt Donald, Mathieu Ledoux, Stephane Julien, Kevin Lapierre, Dave Ghent, Brandon Kaplan, Jason Segeleski, Benedict Chevrier, JC Battle and more.

MTL Classic 2010 live-update #1

We have just received the first update from our Montreal correspondent Guillaume Latrompette. Guillaume had a nice session with Quebec's finest Mathieu Ledoux and Kevin Lapierre at the South Park today! An hour later he comes up with that first pre session edit which will make you hungry for the Montreal Classic tomorrow!

Montreal: Boutique Lylac and the Guillaume Roy Interview

We're always searching for articles to showcase the contributions that people are making for the rollerblading industry from the grassroots level. There are so many people offering so much to the industry who go unnoticed or do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These people are the ones responsible for spreading rollerblading to new generations and maintaining the involvement of those already participating while creating a strong network allowing the industry to be more than just a temporary flash in the “extreme sports” timeline. Here is the story of Botique Lylac, The Montreal Classic, Nimh VS Canadian Customs, The Taz Project, and Mathieu Ledoux...

Be-Mag 2011 Showreel Video by Matthis Lapaire

Contributors from Be-Mag come from all over the world. In fact, one of the aspects that make this media outlet so successful is the joint effort given from the rolling world covering every rideable inch of the globe. Aggressive skating, while seemingly non-existent to the pop-culture world, has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The dynamic has changed in so many ways since the early 1990s that each aspect in growth of style, amplitude, technology, culture, etc. has gone through it’s own little piece of the overall revolution.

What is Powerblading?

What started out as an option for a cheap and efficient form of transportation for the inmates of the infamous Powerhouse in Barcelona, has quickly evolved into a stand-alone branch of Aggressive Skating. Now, a year later you may have noticed these unorthodox looking frames and wheels on display at just about all major shops and retailers. Unorthodox maybe, but only to the eyes of the unengaged. Check out this article and get the low down on the latest trend in blading, or inevitably be passed over by your mates that keep up with the times. And, you better believe they'll be moving fast.

Up and comers: Kevin Lapierre

Kevin is from the same town that I grew up in. I remember the first time I saw him at the local park: right away I knew that this kid had true love for blading! He makes me think of myself when I was his age. Kevin is a amazing person. He is humble, respectful and fun to be around with. And the guy can freaking shred! He skates fast, solid and precise like a diamond. It's really inspiring to see him be so passionate and following his dream to be part of our little community. He has not yet beat me to a game of B.L.A.D.E, but I guess it's cause I don't want to play against him anymore. I would get my ass kicked. Merci Kevin pour tout!

Picture Me Rolling – Mike Lukewich

Street or park, switch or regular it just doesn't matter to him. This guy reeks of effortless style and poised composure in the most extreme circumstances. Whether it’s jumping back on drop rails, hitting the last trick of an unbelievable line or landing 540° grinds first try in contests that he’s never even attempted prior to the moment. All is kept cool under his fitted hat and his positive personality.

Stephane Julien – Exclusive Interview and Edit

Stephane and I have been friends for 14 years. I know him as much as I know myself. We have been through so much together, kind of like two soldiers that fought side by side, you know? Steph is an extraordinary human being, he is always there for you if you need help or something. I have seen him going through many faces in his life. He is working hard on becoming a better person and seeing that is such an inspiration for me and all the peeps around him. Skating wise...? Well, I will let the edit speak for itself. All I can say is that skating with him is a true blessing in my life. Thanks Stephane for being a brother to me. I’ll see you tonight anyway at the TAZ session!