Chicago 2011 Mixtape by Doug Sharley

Check out this Trapaholics mixtape series featuring Chicago‘s finest bladers, including Matthias St. John, Eddie Dombrowski, Brian Bruno, Steve Lerner, Matt Strobot and many more. Filmed by Doug Sharley and Matt Strobot and edited by Doug Sharley. Enjoy!

The 2011 Archives by Kyle Guzman

This edit by Kyle Guzman recaps some cool moments of blading in 2011. Check out the skating of Anthony Dieandrea, Chris McCormick, Jeff Levin, Kyle Guzman himself, Matthias St. John, Rick Pecora Rob Scallon, Rory Melehan, and Spencer Eckl. Have a nice weekend!

The Prelude to PWC2: Shoes with Wheels by The Pull Skateshop

The Prelude brought to you by The Pull skate shop. Chicagos only skate shop. All spots are filmed in Chicago. Featuring sections of Angelo V. Margentina, Travis Rhodes, Sebas Seufferheld, Jonathan Seufferheld, Matthias St. John, and the Chicago heads GL-Joe skated with this summer.

Take 3 with Winterclash Founder Jojo Jacobi + Ticket Raffle

Jojo Jacobi is beginning to beat the drums for Winterclash 2012, which will take place at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a location proven to be worthy for all that it has embraced. Be-Mag has been a media partner of Winterclash since its inception. This won't change in 2012 as we will continue to support the world's biggest rollerblading contest, covering the event live from Eindhoven, bringing you every moment in its greatest capacity. We recently sat down with founder Jojo Jacobi to get his personal thoughts and impressions on the past seven Winterclash events. What are his best memories and what are his worst? Who are the picks for Jojo's top three Winterclash competitors of all time? This and more, is what he discloses in the following article. On top of that you have a chance at winning a ticket to Winterclash 2012!

Chicago Bladin’ by Malcolm Heard

There's so much awesomeness in this edit it's almost ridiclulous. Blading by Nick Labarre, Thinh Le, Quinn Barnett, Matthias St.John, Paul John, Rory Melehan, Matt Ladewski, Collin Martin, Dale Patomania, Milan Calabrese, Matt Luda, Malcolm Heard, Sean Darst, Kristian Claros, Brian Bina. Filmed and edited by Malcolm Heard

Quitters – Trailer

Check out the trailer of a Chicago based inline - skate movie featuring: Angelo Margentina, Steve Lerner, Dan Moroney, Cedric Tippett, Max...

The Windy City Riot 2010

In 2010, the Windy City Riot's 9th year running, it will be bigger and crazier than ever. The purse is guaranteed to be at least $1,000 and the comp...

The Interview

Who is (Brian Freeman)? Want to know more about his place with Street Artist, hip-hop, rollerblading (and skateboarding)? Check out the interview!