WOLFPACK: an interview with Valentin Tuil & Mourad Leuchi

It's rare when a group of rollerbladers put a lot of time, money and effort into crafting together a video project. We're lucky to report that our friends at Arcena did all of the above and created their latest French blade-flick called "Wolfpack". The trailers peaked our interest and we wanted to delve further into the creative process and find out from both the director, Valentin Tuil and the producer, Mourad Leuchi what it took to complete this project.

Nomades Tour 2012 #3: Shredding Geneva

After suffering the assaults of unfavorable weather on the first 2 stops of the tour, we were hoping to find some good weather down south. It's June 20 and we spent the day on the road again. Torrential rain and weariness does not facilitate the task of our driver, Yannick. He must guide our small group safely to Annecy...

FISE 2012 Slopestyle Competition in Montpellier, France

At this year's FISE 2012 in Montpellier, France inline skaters are in for a treat. No longer will they have to share the same course with other action sports, they will have a unique opportunity to ride a new blade specific course similar to slopestyle skiing and snowboarding. Take a sneak peek at the obstacles that some of the world's best pros will tear up this weekend.

Results Fise Xperience in Canet, France

8000 people watching 80 riders show off their best tricks. This is how the Fise Xperience rolls during their second stop of the Fise Tour in Cadet, France. Check out the results and the recap edit below.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Vienna & Salzburg by Jean Christophe Baller

When we arrive in Vienna it rains. We use this day to relax, work on the edits and the pictures in hopes that tomorrow will be better. After an early and hearty breakfast, Wolf, our guide for this stop, arrives at exactly 10am, ready to help us to discover the city. He takes us to a long S-shaped red curb, a bit jaded by the many riders that have previously skated it but our team is happy to have a go at it. The session suddenly comes to an end by the heavy rain that starts to fall on our heads. While Rob continues to grind the pavement he gets soaked to the bone.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Ljubljana – Photos by Jean Christophe Baller

Despite a significant delay of about 10 hours, we are finally greeted in Ljubljana by a horde of pretty girls littering the streets as if they were all given an appointment for the event. Everyone is quite amazed to see such a high concentration of beautiful women and we feel the male hormones waking up. Samo Bajec, our guide here, is waiting for us at a street corner. He takes us directly to the skatepark he built with the help of his friends.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan & Venice – Photos by Jean Christophe Baller

It's about 7am and we are on the outskirts of Milan in Italy, searching for the hotel which will serve as housing for the next 3 days. Warren Digne, the conductor of the tour took care of booking it and it is the honeyed voice of our GPS which took us right to its front door. After a short tour at the reception, surprise, we will not be in the space provided, but in apartments a few steps away.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan – Photos by Pietro Firrincieli

Last week my friend Jason Adriani called me saying that he got a message from Adrien Anne who told him that he will be in Milan with the Nomades Tour during the week end. I thought that I should take this chance to have a good session and to take pictures for my website, so I packed up my skates and my camera and took a train to Milan on Thursday.