Animal Farm On Tour 2012

Three Dutchies recently embarked upon a 6.000 kilometer car road trip from Amsterdam through France up to Malaga in Spain and back to Amsterdam. Gas is pretty expensive these days, and they could have traveled by plane - especially in Europe where there's a high amount of low-cost airlines. But check out what you would miss when you decide to travel by plane instead of traveling in a van. For some of us this is the best thing about rollerblading: Traveling with some of your best friends and your skates! Isn't it?

Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!

When you speak of rollerblading, Amsterdam, or a combination of both, there is one person and one person only who embodies these exact things, Remy Cadier. I have known him for years now, but I still can't tell you which of his two passions he would choose if he had to, but it might not be his girlfriend. Mr. Cadier turned 35 years of age today. The Ajax fanboy without an Ajax season ticket symbolizes persistence, loving what you do and putting in blood, sweat and tears, something we all know and live as rollerbladers.

Up and comers: Dick Heerkens

I know Dick "mister shine" Heerkens for a couple of years now. He’s the friendliest dude I know in the Dutch scene. Dick is very clever and entrepreneurial, but most of all, he's a fun guy to hang out with. If we are on skates, travel, fire up the BBQ or play some soccer, he'll always be on point! When he is on skates you can see him enjoying the session, and most of the time this positive energy spreads to other skaters around him. He loves to play around but is down for some hammers as well. He does this with style and a huge trick vocabulary. If you ever have the chance to shred with him, put on your blades and do so. For now just sit back and enjoy these clips.

Sven Boekhorsts Cityhopper!

Finally the wait is over! Sven, once again shows his skills as a Skater and also as a visionary and project manager! Its been while since Rollerblading had a concept that can capture the attention of the masses the way that Cityhopper did. Check out the vid and judge for yourself if it breaks out of the norm of Rollerblading edits, we are convinced that it does and that such projects will "Spread the Word!" in an absolutely positive way. Enjoy..

Sven Boekhorst talking about his ‘CityHopper’ Project + Trailer

With so many rolling edits out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something unique and exciting. In recent years it seems like the only way to get noticed is to go bigger than anyone has gone before or add in that extra rotation before landing on a rail. Over the past year Sven Boekhorst and his team have been working on a different approach on how they could grab everyone's attention, both inside the skate world as well as outside our cozy realm. What they came up with was a project called 'CityHopper'. In an attempt to take things to a different level the outcome truly shines as unique. Sven was really open to letting us in on this little secret that he had been hiding. Take some time to read up and find out what exactly 'CityHopper' is all about. We think you will be just as pleased as we were. 


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