Sam Crofts USD Welcome Edit

Sam Crofts has been killing the UK scene for the last few years, skating in any weather the UK will throw at him! USD have taken note of his dedication to skating and rewarded him with a place on their UK team. -Thomas Sharman

One Minute, One Spot: Sam Crofts vs. St. Paul’s Cathedral

It's not really hard to forget the first time that I met Sam, it must have been over ten years ago now at Chi park. I remember watching this little guy, barely pushing 4' 9", tearing up the park almost fearlessly in what I can only assume were his dad's clothes, with more enthusiasm than I had ever seen at that forsaken place.

Photo Update: NASS

Photographers Ryan Goold and Matt Smith made it to NASS and caught the blading contest at the hottest NASS ever. Featuring CJ Wellsmore, Nick Lomax, Steve Swain, Roman Abrate, Anthony Pottier and Sam Crofts.


The USD boys Nick Lomax, Sam Crofts, Dano Gorman, Diego Guilloud and Jacob Juul competed in Prague at the Real Street comp organised by Jara Mrstny...


Stan Kogutyak edited the leftover footy from the La Rue's recent Book video, and it's got more than a few fun to watch tricks and lines. Check it out...