Official Statement of Daniel Kinney about the End of the Bitter Cold Showdown

Today Daniel Kinney, the inventor or organizer of the BCSD, announced the end of the contest series – two days after its successful 13th installation. The sad news spread like wildfire through the networks and the rolling media. The industry is shocked that one of the world's biggest and most important rolling contests won't take place anymore. Now, Daniel Kinney sent us an official statement. Read on.

The 2012 Escape from New York Tour: Kickstarter & Online Contest

The Escape from New York Tour is an idea I came up with after spending a month and a half in California earlier this year. As I toured up and down the coastline I met some of the most amazing and memorable people I have ever encountered. I found myself submersed in deep conversation with industry legends such as Louis Zamora, Justin Eisinger, and Lonnie Gallegos. I can’t thank these guys enough for the insight they bestowed on me because without them I would have never manifested such a project.

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Be-Mag Live-Updates start this Weekend

This weekend marks the 12th annual end-of-the-summer festivity with Colorado’s biggest blading meet. The Colorado Road Trip was started with intent on leading a small crew across various parks throughout Colorado. At the beginning, where just seven individuals made it out, this event has quickly grown to what this year expects to bring nearly one hundred bladers to the Rocky Mountain State from all over. This is the time of year that the usual desolate skateparks of the Colorado highlands, typically littered with a small handful of skateboarders, a biker or two, a few children tooling around on a scooter, and in rarity a roller, get transformed into a celebration in a way that brings rollerblading just a little bit closer to the wild west. The days are spent shredding two or more skateparks while in between the road tripping frequents various stops along the Colorado River for bridge jumping and car surfing. The nights are filled with stories of their own as rollers become frontiersmen, gathering around camp fires in the desert sharing experiences, camaraderie, and of course some fine beverages.

In Depth Review on “Abstract Art 2” by Quinn Feldman

The man in charge of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM, Quinn Feldman, just sent in this contribution. He called it "in depth review" and that isn’t understated at all. Be warned, you’ll probably bust out the credit card about halfway through and place your order of "Abstract Art 2" at your favorite shop right away.

Nimh Spain tour part 1: Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Paco Rey, Tony Cheetah and some more ripping it up in Pamplona

Summer time is tour time. Grindhouse tour, Be-Mag tour, Vibralux tour - the list goes on. Several teams from all over Europe and the States are currently roadtripping through their countries. Not everyone has the luxury to explore the great architecture of Spain. Well, the NIMH Spain team (consisting of Marc 'Enanoh" Moreno, Adria Saá, Paco Rey and Tony Cheetah) has this luxury. It seems like Barcelona is not enough for them as they embarked on a 2 week trip through their homecountry to find and shred new spots, crash different appartements and experience the exciting life on the road. We just received the first update from the trip! Peep it.

Tri-State Skate – C.O.W #32

Here we got this weeks clip of the week filmed by the shop rider Sean Agoliati on a weekend tour to Rochester, NY. Watch out for the article, photos...