‘The Warm Up’: Stefan Brandow Section

Stefan Brandows section in 'The Warm Up' has just appeared on the internet. If your jaw hasn't dropped for a while now is the right time to loosen up your musculus masseter, then hit play... Dat desaster pretzel cess slide!

Stefan Brandow for Bulletprufe Skate Denim

I received my pair of Bulletprufe Blackout jeans back in October of 2011. While they may be a little faded from 6 months of washing, they're still going strong and have no rips or tears. If you're going to buy any skate jean, it's pointless to waste your money on anything else. Bulletprufes are softer and last longer than any jean on the market. -Stefan Brandow

Stefan Brandow Quickshred Edit for Southernscum

The best part of having talented friends is I have pretty much none of the work. Not only is this kid responsible for nearly all the designs on the current line, but he can also blade a little. We contacted Stefan about a week ago and ask him to throw down some clips for a little quickshred. Few days later he gladly granted that request and laid down a few hammers. -Chad Anthony

Arsenio Patterson Profile by Stefan Brandow

The first time I saw Arsenio Patterson skate was in Rochester, NY around 2004 when he was filming with Mike Torres for a DVD profile. From the first switch up I saw him do, I knew he was above and beyond your typical tech skater. Arsenio always adds an extra spin or trick to already retarded combos with such a casualness it's sickening. -Stefan Brandow

The Warm Up Teaser by Stefan Brandow

The Warm Up is a new rollerblading DVD by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge. It features full profiles on Brett Dasovic, Shane Conn, Arsenio Patterson, Mikey Petrack, Adam McManus, Casey Wilson, Stefan Brandow, and Phillip Gripper. Sit back, hit play and enjoy the teaser of this film which will premiere in late February 2012.

Stefan Brandow: M1 Urethane AM Profile

Stefan Brandow, from Raleigh, North Carolina, is rocking his Murder One Urethanes on Renegade Bearings. His blading is creative and solid, so sit back and enjoy his latest edit here, on Be-Mag.