Be-Mag Issue #41

Be-Mag issue #41 coming at ya! Available now at your favourite blade store / newsstand / airport lounge (for those of you living the Tour Life). Packed with just the best content, featuring a superman from America, life on the road in Thailand, an up-and-comer from Norway, Rolling Artist from Berlin, blading in The Congo and so much more. Check out what’s in it.

Ben Harmanus: About Chimera, Adapt and More Projects

If you've never met Ben Harmanus before, from the outset he can seem a little bit scary. A man covered in tattoos who's always dressed in black and constantly throwing himself at rails all over the globe. For those who do know him, they realize this is simply a front for one of the most caring and passionate skaters in our scene. Ben spoke with Be-mag to discuss the current state of Chimera, his collaboration with the dutch boot company Adapt and the future and beyond of skating.

‘Supervillains’ by Peter Bender

'Supervillains' is a short blade flick which sums up a whole year of filming around my hometown area in the west of Germany and some days in Berlin, Mannheim and Heidelberg. I'm dropping this edit on my birthday today as a present to myself and my buddies.

Ben Harmanus: Reflecting on What Is

Ben is a veteran in our sport, has pulled some of the burliest stunts, been around the block more times than even he can remember, and now in his wiser days he is putting enlightenment before excitement when taking a look at all that skating and life around him has become. With the relaunch of Chimera and a fresh start in Berlin he has stepped into a life of inspiration.

Out Now: Be-Mag’s 2011 Spring Line

The new Be-Mag Spring 2011 clothing line has been launched under the well-known slogan "Spread the Word". This is more than just a slogan, more than just a one-liner on a t-shirt, it’s our message that we delivered right from the beginning. It's the philosophy of each skater supporting the act of rollerblading. "Spread the Word" stands for a certain attitude in life and captures how important Rollerblading is to you. Wearing this collection represents your commitment to the sport and shows you are living Rollerblading everyday to the fullest.

Ignition City Guide Berlin by Dirk Oelmann

A City Guide is a simple way to introduce a new place and country to people who want to travel there. It gives them insight on the best of the best it has to offer from food, art, fashion/design and skate spots. At the beginning of last year I started to work on a Berlin guide for Ignition Skateshop. The first city guide I created was for Helsinki, Finland in my spare time while I worked in the graphic design department of my university. This was a fun side project for me when I studied there for six months on an exchange program in 2008.

Issue 36 – Making of the Covershot at Winterclash 2010

Hi Be-maggers, we are Tim and Alex from The World Organisation ( and we made the cover for this issue. For the stunt we managed to book german supermodel Ben Harmanus. After years of building and painting the Be-Mag booth at Winterclash it was obvious that we had to come up with something special now that the Winterclash had found it’s way to Berlin, our hometown.