Competition Report: AIL Championships 2011

The AIL Championships were held this past weekend on Saturday November 5th 2011 at Woodward West in Tehachapi California. I have been waiting for this day since the preliminary competition held back in April, so needless to say I was uber excited to attend the event!

Chosen Few Comp Rankings before the Final Event on September 3rd in Los Angeles

The Chosen Few Finals have arrived once again and I can say without a doubt it is going to be an epic competition. Skaters all over the world have competed this year at ACF competitions. Every competition has determined the top 10 skaters and they have all earned points. We have organized 9 competitions with local organizers and included another 3 competitions to the series as well. Find all standings here and find out who might compete in the finals on September 3rd in Los Angeles!

Chosen Few Comp at We Are One Skatepark in Utah

When us skaters talk about doing it right or being professional Zach Nelson and Matt Farnworth are people that come up quick under that definition. They are the owners of We Are One skate park. A skate park completely built by them personally for rollerbladers. This indoor park was professionally done. Nice wood, good coping, everything slides for a change even before you wax it, It's like skating woodward. So ACHOSEN-FEW.COM decided to team up with them to do a nice crazy competition the first week they officially opened the park. We decided to make the format a street format considering it is a part of the Chosen Few street comp series.

ACHOSEN-FEW.COM – Best of Volume 1

This DVD is a compilation of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's best videos over the last year. Including the pay per view videos as well as a new, never before seen montage. Nearly 90 minutes of the best skating around!

Best Of A Chosen Few – Compilation

A compilation of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's best videos over the last year. Including our pay per view videos as well as a new never before seen montage. Nearly 90 minutes of the best skating around. Exclusively from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM

OPUS – First Montage

Check out the first montage featuring:Tony Rivituso, Russell Day, Matt Moya, Jim Ervin, Brandon Giffen, Tyler Brooks, Chris Haffey, Brett Walters,...

A Day in Our Lives Episode 3

Another 'Day in our lives episode" by ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. This time they take a look at the lives of Will Cosgrove, Sean Knight and Tony Rivituso. Enjoy...

In the Know: CJ Wellsmore

Although relatively new to the spotlight, CJ has had wheels under his feet since the beginning, and has been competing internationally for over a decade. Starting at such a young age and skating in the shadows of Australian legends like Cesar Mora and Matt Salerno has left CJ with an unmistakable natural style for skating, especially on transition. Since returning to his blades in 2005 – after a short break for beach lifestyle – in just a few years, CJ has refined his skills and established himself as one of the worlds top bladers. CJ's skills on the blades are undeniable, even to the outsider's eye, but what makes his skating even more enjoyable to watch is the fact you can tell how much he loves it. CJ still has the same passion for skating as he did when he first started, which I think is what's needed to inspire the next generation of skaters.