Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot

Only the word "controversial" came to mind, when I got asked to write the intro for Egor's One Minute One Spot. Humble and loud at the same time, Egor is truly a myth: silent killer at the spot and the most funny person at your local party, he always keeps it easy while still keeping all of his responsibilities in mind. His skating is on point and tells much more than words. Being one of the most active bladers from Motherland, dude is steadily stacking clips. This summer Egor visited China to work as a skater on some extreme show of sorts, performing in front of public three times a day. This little One Minute One Spot edit was filmed in the evening after one of the working days, and as you can see Egor clearly got his ledge game on lock!

Up and Comers: Jon Fromm

Most of you probably already know Jon Fromm, or at least think you do. He shows up at competitions all over, comes out to the local blade events and always seems to have a new edit on Vimeo, forcing you to rewind and ask yourself what just happened. But if I had to share something about Jon that most people wouldn't know it would be his work ethic. Skating is the perfect microcosm of his life. To the untrained eye when watching Jon warm up with hurricane topsouls first try and switchups that leave you amazed the first thing people think is "I wish it was that easy for me" or at least thats what I was guilty of. 

Top 5: Brian Freeman

Having sponsors like Valo, Vibralux and Street Artist, and being featured in the last two Adam Johnson flicks already shows that B Free is much...

New York City Street Invitational

The stage has been set, the prizes are admirable, and the battlegrounds are legit. This comp is every bit as real as those coming from the heart of the skate scene in the 90s. The only difference? Legalities will not been interfering and you will not be riding without an invite from the host himself, long-time local resident and pro rider, Billy O’Neill.

Blast from the Past: Matteo Attanasio

I can’t really remember how long we know each other... But at the time we first met, Matteo was the only German skater with good style. Sorry, that's how it was. He has always been a soul skater. And a playboy on wheels. He wanted to end his pro career at a very young age to skate just for the fun of it. He wanted to have sessions and to travel without any obligations to skate at a contest. Crazy ass dreamer, you say? But guess what: that is what he did! And until now he remains as the first of a complete generation of soul skaters I have met. He is now working on putting this into picture.

Roskilde Festival 2010

Hello hello... It's Roskilde Time again. Norther Europe's biggest Festival is sold out this year, the weather is perfect and 30 Skaters are invited to skate shows again. On the list we got people like Billy o'Neill, Demetrious George, Nick Lomax, Fredrick Andersson, Mark Stamer and others from all over Europe. We're going to keep you updated as always and in this first article we deliver some exclusive content from the Realstreet Copenhagen, the welcome BBQ as well as the first two days at the Festival. Enjoy the beauty of Scandinavia...

TML3 NYC tour update 3

Today we decided to shred Billy’s old stomping grounds, Staten Island. We first cruised to Brooklyn to his favorite bagel shop. When we got the first spot, decided to skip it and continue to the second spot.

Dustin Werbeski interview

Half way through the 7th grade, a new kid arrived at my school in a town of about 1300 people. For what ever reason I can't recall, I took it upon...

TheConference Türkiye Tour

From May 3rd to May 24th Jeff Stockwell and Billy O'Neill will go on a wild tour through Turkey shredding ten different cities around the country.

Street Artist Interview With Adam Johnson

Street Artist has become a force to be reckoned with since they popped onto the scene not too long ago. Be-Mag's Michael Bayr caught up with Adam Johnson to get the scoop on Street Artists' history and where they're headed.