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Spring Bladejam / SSM Madness

The SSM team rider and ever motivated Zebastian Cassel just announced his upcoming Spring Bladejam / SSM Madness event, which will take place at the...

Bladermods Crüe in the Hangaren Hot Sport Centre

The Bladermods Crüe, which consists of Zebastian Cassel, Stephanie Midhammar, Julius Norrbom, Robin Bennett, and Christofer Kohn, went to the Hangaren Hot Sport Centre in Linköping, Sweden. At this sweet skatepark the guys (and girls) go all out, lacing sick tricks and bailing like bosses, but most importantly, having a blast with friends. Filmed in February and March this year and edited by Zebastian Cassel, this video gives you a great impression of how the guys of the Bladermods Crüe live their life with passion for blading. Enjoy!

Hangaren Spring Blade Jam in Linköping, Sweden

I felt it was time for the Swedish scene to come together and have fun and inspired by the rollTogether movement I thought a simple Blade Jam would be the best way to do it. Meet old and new friends and shred without heats or finals and simply have fun is the purpose for this event.

Richard Karlsson: Summer 2011 by Samuel Cabezas

At the beginning of this summer, we decided to go out and try to film an online section for Richard Karlsson, we managed to get a few good clips before he injured himself during the VLS competition and couldn't skate for the rest of the summer (and is still not back in full strength for some shreddin'). Big thanks to Zebastian Cassel and Johan Möller for giving me some extra clips so I could finish this. Enjoy! -Samuel Cabezas

Stephanie Midhammar 2011 Clips

Zebastian Cassel just uploaded these sweet clips of Stephanie Midhammar. Finally someone that can pull off those pants! Zebastian says Stephanie started skating just a year ago. Pretty impressive level for only 12 months on the blades! Shot in Malmö, Stockholm and Linköping.

Linköping Skateweek 2011 – Grand Jam with the Yasutoko brothers and Tony Hawk

On Saturday 14th of May the demo team gathered for the last time. We were supposed to do the pre-demos before the big show inside Cloetta Center which is Linköpings big sport arena where they usually host hockey games. Around 8000 people went by the mini and watched for a bit before heading into the big show so I guess we had a big crowd watching that day.