One Minute, One Spot with Marc Moreno

It was hard to find the right time for that as i've been busy as hell with changing from Barcelona to another city and working all days a week but it's always good to try and make something so people get juiced to go skate. Put on your skates and go session even if it's for a couple of hours! Oh, i forgot, get a pair of Nimhs and support skater owned companies for a proper future.

Nomades tour update part 2: Hello Madrid!

Right after the fourth day of sessioning in Lisbon, we drove to Madrid even though we had a sleepless night in the van. We arrived in Madrid early in the morning. And the early beauty of the city amazed us all. No more time to slobber over Spain's capital, it was time to find a hotel for the night.

Adrià Saa ”Mineroh” 2010 Edit

Do you think you have already seen all the Barcelona Street spots? Then you're wrong. If you ever go to Barcelona, we suggest you to hook up with Adrià since he knows hundred more secret spots. And above that he knows how to tackle each one properly! Check it out.

Check in with CJ Wellsmore

We are excited to present you this quick check in with Australian powerhouse CJ Wellsmore. Cj has been travelling through Europe the last three weeks racking up cups and medals at some of Europe's biggest competitions and just shredding up Europe like almost no one else before him. Find out how CJ has experienced his time in Europe.

Valo tour update: day 14 – 18

The Valo team squad spent two more days shredding, partying and sightseeing in Lisbon before they went off to Madrid and then to Barcelona. While Soichiro had to leave them because of Asian X Games, Cossimo Tassone from Switzerland and Justin Hertel from the US joined the Valo travel crew in Barcelona. Now it's hammer shred time in the streets of Barcelona.

Cloud Unique presents Nicolas Schoepfer as their first team rider

Cloud Unique Tees is a new t-shirt brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Cloud Unique Tees is proud to support rollerblading. Cloud Unique Tees are made using unique dyes and special washes. The full process is made by hand. Due to this every t-shirt is unique. Wearing these tees makes you stand out from the crowd. The first collection is launched this month, and will announce their freestyle rollerblading team with one rider at a time. Their first team rider announced is Nicolas Schopfer, from Geneva. You can watch a little edit with his presentation.

Nimh Session at Sant Feliu

Check out this edit and pics of the Nimh Spanish Team's recent session at the Sant Feliu Skatepark! Featuring Tony Cheetah, Marc Moreno, and more...

Nicolas Schopfer Interview

Somehow, Nicolas Schopfer has managed to fly under the radar for some people. Not for much longer. Enjoy this interview with Nicolas as he talks about everything from skating and photography to tattoos and fixed gear bikes!

:10 With Fallon Heffernan

Fallon Heffernan has had a long journey in life to get where she is today in rollerblading. Rolling literally saved her and she's now one of the top women rollers out there. ...and she can also give almost any pro male rider out there a run for their money. Be-Mag is going to be covering women's rollerblading more as we move forward so we're happy to bring you this quick check-in with Fallon that we did in Berlin last month at Winterclash.